Here’s Why Cuba Is So Well Suited For Bicycle Travel

Cuba is a tropical country that is famously known for its delicious rum cocktails, pristine beaches, colorful antique cars, and lots of sunshine. This is why it is widely considered a holiday destination by many people. In order to be able to explore Cuba and get to more of this great country apart from the tourist scenes, cycling would be the best option for you.

There is Little or no Traffic at all

While cycling, one prefers quiet roads that are safe, traffic-free, and beautiful. This makes Cuba the best place to ride a bicycle. Due to its economic and political past, the island usually has very little traffic as there are not many vehicles around. This means you will be able to cycle your way around the island without a problem. The few vehicles you will come across are well driven and will not cause any major risk for you as a cyclist.

Being able to view some incredible sceneries as well as experience a variety of road surfaces

One will be able to ride for long distances without being exposed to any risk. This means that one will enjoy the silky smooth road surfaces on continuous straight through fields of tobacco and sugarcane. Cycling your way around this island will enable you to capture all the beautiful scenes around. It will be a wonderful experience for anyone. During the day, you may find yourself on some hilly dirt roads as you move from one small town to another in the middle of a preserved park. One could also have climbed the La Farola rollercoaster and be enjoying the beautiful rainforest scenery filled with palm trees. There is a lot to enjoy while cycling around this island.

While cycling around the island, you will be able to interact with the people of Cuba who are really friendly and welcoming

Cuban people make this place great. They are hospitable and friendly people. Cycling will enable you to interact with them first hand. These people are so good and will help you with directions in case you get lost. You will be able to interact with Cubans who will help you get to the best morning coffee stands. This will help you learn about this place and the way of life of the people here. Cycling makes this interaction possible.

You will be able to learn the history and culture of this great place

While cycling around this island, you will be able to learn the history and culture of the Cuban people. Their culture is unique and is shaped by its long history of colonialism and slavery which began the moment Columbus landed on the island in the year 1492. Having undergone many years of colonization by Spain, there are many impressive colonial buildings which are often painted colorfully. They are located in city parks and lively squares. You will be able to enjoy the rich history of this country.

These are some of the good things one will experience while cycling around this beautiful country.

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