What I Learned From A Year Of Traveling Across America In My Volkswagen

America is one of those places that there are just so many things to explore. There will be a few times when I want to recall what I learned from a year of traveling across America in my Volkswagen. The first thing you will realize is that America is so big that I needed to make a bunch of last-minute plans. In fact, there were some states where I enjoyed my time a lot that I decided to spend longer there. There were also some states that had some fantastic views. One of them is Colorado. I love hiking so I spent a lot of time up in the mountains while basking in the magical views. Unfortunately, there were times when I ran out of battery and it was too late to regret that. In addition, there are so many random facts to learn about the country including Carl’s Jr. has the most delicious fast food you will ever feast on. I forgot my name while I was feasting on their food and I did not regret it one bit. After all, you have to enjoy every moment while traveling in the States and there is not one thing that will stop you from doing so. There are some Americans who never go to other countries. Yes, they would rather just stay there so if you fake an accent, they would believe you and it will result in some hilarious conversations. I faked a Swedish accent and they actually believed I am from there.

One thing is for sure, Americans are such friendly people. It was pretty rare for me to get lost as whenever I asked directions, they always pointed me in the right direction. Most of them were gas stations as I had to stop many times just to get gas and the locals there were great in giving tips as to what to do with the time I have left. They even pointed me to the right people who would be able to help me out with what I wanted to do. I wanted to do the best activities for the states that I was in. I got to try some of the best local foods in each state too and that is something that is not to be missed. I learned that while you are there, you may as well go to the best restaurant. I looked for some reviews on the Internet that would point me in the right direction and I found a lot of them. I love music and I went to New Orleans and they were rocking in terms of festivals and concerts. Basically, I went to a whole lot of music events while I was there and they were all great. It was probably the state where I spent the most time. I also learned that it is possible to save money by splitting the costs of gas with other travelers who you meet on social media as they would love the opportunity.

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