Death Valley in Bloom

The Super Bloom is a rare opportunity to capture the momentary colors of life in an otherwise vacant desert.  

For the first time since 2005, dormant seeds have now come alive sprouting through the dry ground in Death Valley due to massive amounts of rainfall from El Niño. Known for the hottest temperatures on Earth and an uninviting name, Death Valley is currently transformed by thousands of bright blooms. The visual irony of the desert landscape, rocky terrain and salt rock formations straddling eastern California and Nevada surrounded by delicate yellow flowers is one photographer, Lindsay Regan, felt driven to photograph.

It is sights like these that cause a new-found energy for experiencing the fleeting moments of beauty and wonder our natural world occasionally offers us. Like a hushed secret passed only to you by a great and omniscient breeze, there is a profound comfort in feeling that sometimes it is you and you alone the Earth has chosen to share this moment with.