Indulge In The Legend of Capri

Luxurious, alluring and enchanting, the Isle of Capri has attracted visitors by the likes of intellectuals, artists, and writers for centuries, all enthralled by the island’s natural beauty. A blend of history, nature and culture bring the ‘Legend of Capri’ to life; a tale that an average of 20,000 daily tourists set out to discover daily during the summer months. For lovers, newlyweds and all who come to bask in the glow of the Mediterranean sea, indulge in a curated 48 hour itinerary that provides a sensory experience of the island’s serenity and splendour.

Day One

10:00 AM

Arrive on the hydrofoil into Port of Marina Grande departing from the main harbor, Molo Beverell (Naples) among the throngs of tourists that visit Capri for a day trip. During the summer months, ferry connections from the mainland to the island of Capri are frequent. Catch an open-top taxi from the port to your hotel; fares are metered, though you can ask for a fixed fare before embarking on the breathtaking ride to the center of Anacapri.


11:00 AM

Following the steps of Leonardo Di Caprio, Gerard Butler, Julia Roberts and countless celebrities alike — check into Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, a luxury hotel renowned for its polished elegance reminiscent of an an ancient Neapolitan palace of the 1700’s. All white furniture dominates the interior design, enhancing the architectural forms inspired by the Mediterranean and offers a blank palette for its fine selection of contemporary art.


1:00 PM

Unwind in your newly renovated Capritouch Executive Suite and book an appointment at the famed Capri Beauty Farm, a spa of international recognition, specializing in beauty and medical activities, such as the famous “Leg School” treatment – invented and patented by Professor Francesco Canonaco.


2:00 PM

Opt to take a plunge in the Capri Palace pool overlooking the picturesque Isle of Ischia to soak up some rays or explore the charming center of Anacapri, just steps from the hotel. Sample the flavor of authentic island dishes surrounded by the scent of citrus trees at the lemon grove — La Zagara — the house restaurant at the Casa Mariantonia boutique hotel. Stop in for lunch and enjoy a glass light of white wine; it’s highly recommended to try a bottle of Fa
langhina del Sannio



4:00 PM

Visit the summit of Monte Solaro just before the chairlift closes at 5:00 PM to avoid the swarm of tourists that make the journey to the top daily. A chairlift will take you to the summit (roughly 12 mins) to enjoy spectacular views over the whole island, the Bay of Naples, the Bay of Salerno and out towards Ischia at a height of 589 metres.


Day Two

7:00 AM

To beat the crowds, get up early to visit the The Blue Grotto, the most famous sight on Capri. The natural cavern is 25 meters wide and 60 meters long, with a tiny entrance less than a meter high. To enter, visitors lay back in a wooden rowboat and glide through the low cave mouth. Once inside, the boats float in the dark, suspended on the surface of water so blue that it seems dream-like.


11:00 AM

Take the morning to relax at Il Riccio, a beach club & restaurant escape of blue and pure white under ten minutes away from Capri Palace and Anacapri. Acquired a few years back by the family that owns the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, the club is set amongst the rock formation above the turquoise waters of the Tyrolean Sea. A rugged stone staircase zigzags out from the sea leading toa series of inviting lounge cabanas that emulate the essence of Capri style.


2:00 PM

For lunch, look no further than Il Riccio. Awarded with one star in the 2013 Michelin Guide, the restaurant features an open kitchen decorated with majolica tiles from Vietri and a fish counter full of the sea’s bounty from octopuses and cuttlefish to urchins and lobsters.


6:00 PM

Freshen up and catch the sunset at The Augustus Gardens, a historic property adjacent to the Charterhouse of San Giacomo. The gardens are a retreat into a natural paradise, complete with unforgettable panoramas. The garden’s tranquility and natural beauty offer splendid views of the sea, making for the perfect photography-opp capturing the perfect memory of your Capri getaway.


9:00 PM

End your Capri experience at Monzù Restaurant, the highly acclaimed restaurant located in the  historical Hotel Punta Tragara. Savor superb Mediterranean cuisine and the finest traditional island cooking; choosing from a selection of beautifully presented dishes mixed with the flavors of the herbs and vegetables grown in the kitchen garden and, of course, the very best olive oil.


Address Book

where to stay

Hotel: Capri Palace Hotel & Spa
Where: Anacapri
Why: Capri Palace Hotel & Spa is the height of opulence, offering a degree of pampering and indulgence to satisfy even the most decadent of souls.

Hotel: Hotel Punta Tragara
Where:Via Tragara
Why: Clinging to the cliff face overlooking the sea and the renowned Faraglioni rock formation, Punta Tragara Hotel has an intriguing history.
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where to eat & drink

Restaurant: Il Riccio
Where: Anacapri
Why: Awarded with one star in the 2013 Michelin Guide,Il Riccio is a place of signs and symbols, of women with hair made of sponge and sea mermaids created by artist Paul Sandulli.
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Restaurant: La Zagara Di Capri
Where: Anacapri
Why: At La Zagara restaurant, lunch and dinner is served beneath Casa Mariantonia’s citrus grove. The mediterranean flavors and scents are the essence of the menu and the chef Flavio Astarita, creates traditional cuisine reinterpreted in a modern way.
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what to do & see

Sight: Monte Solaro
Where: Anacapri
Why: Monte Solaro is a mountain on the island of Capri in Campania, Italy. With an elevation of 589 meters, its peak is the highest point of Capri.
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Sight: The Blue Grotto
Where: Anacapri
Why: The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, southern Italy. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.
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