Summer Surf Guide

For summer surfers, the dissolution of the colder months brings with it the exciting prospect of finding that perfect barreling wave in a new location. As the sun melts winter off our chilled skin we begin to plan long days spent soaking up the sun and riding the biggest swells.

Three creatives with a love for sun and surf share their tips on finding the best place to catch a wave this summer. Whether you are new to surfing, or an experienced veteran, these locations will offer more than some good swell with their natural surroundings to explore. Enjoy the heat and crystal clear water in a relaxed, Cali-style by bringing along apparel from San Francisco-born apparel company, Mollusk Surf Shop for your adventures in and out of the salty sea. From comfy hemp tees to wetsuits, Mollusk is a go-to staple for any summer wardrobe. Read on for our run down of the best beaches to say ‘surf’s up,’ from venturing to exotic Tahiti and a Central America hotspot at Santa Teresa Beach, to keeping it local in Malibu.

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Teahupoo, Tahiti

Photographer, Timo Jarvinen (@gotfilm) believes that Teahupoo has the best left breaking wave in this planet. From 3′ up to a size which can’t be measured anymore. It continues to blow the minds of surfers year in year out. Limits are pushed there every time a solid swell arrives with good wind conditions. It is a photographers dream wave to shoot, wave breaks at reef pass some half a mile from the shore along well defined and alive coral reef where boats can be idling mere yards from a throwing lip. Take a five minute boat ride through the calm and pristine lagoon and feel the change once at the line up- it’s like someone clicked a switch and turned a warzone on. To see the first sets rolling through fills you with anticipation. This addictive rush is the reason why surfers started to come here in the first place.

Tahiti Iti is a small island of Tahiti where the capital, Papeete, is located. “There are waves all over the island, but the best ones break south at Tahiti Iti,” Timo says. “There’s only one beach break, called Papara, and most of the waves break on passes at barrier reef requiring a boat ride to reach them.” With plenty of small restaurants around town, it’s not wonder that anywhere you go, the fresh fish is divine. Pro tip: try the coconut smoked Mahi Mahi, a local favorite.

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Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

Framed by an extensive strip of lush forest, this white sand beach will set your spirit free. The moment your eyes set on this beach is a moment of instant recognition for the pura vida, photographer Ali Kaukas (@allliiibaba) shares with us. The water is warm and inviting, and the surf break stretches on for miles. With waves that continue to challenge surfers at every level, this beach and it’s surfing conditions are never the same twice and it’s this element of surprise that keeps Ali going back. The crystal clear waters  of Santa Teresa present options for other day-time activities including snorkeling, fishing and kite-surfing. Stop in at the Zwart Art Cafe, a trendy hot-spot in the neighbourhood with fresh, all white walls and some of the inside best coffee in town. The owner, Margurite Zwart, is herself a talented surfer and artist. The cafe functions as her studio, if you’re lucky you might catch her painting out back.

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First Point, Malibu

Located on the northern arm of Santa Monica Bay, driving through the Malibu canyons to get to First Point beach sets the tone. Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Shawn Corrigan (@shawn_corrigan) suggests First Point for its mellow point break. “I love to go out early in the morning and paddle out into the water before dawn,” he says. “It’s such an amazing feeling to feel the water come alive with the rising sun. There are dolphins that swim near you in this location.”

First Point has a long, evenly breaking wave that has made Malibu the heart centre for the surf community in Los Angeles. As one of the most popular waves in Malibu, this beach can get crowded. Paddling out early in the morning is a great way to get to know the location in it’s own unique serenity before the hustle and bustle of locals and tourists take over. Nearby attractions to check out while you’re there include the Adamson House, a historic Spanish-style home built in the 1930’s turned museum and garden grounds. The Malibu Pier, having undergone a restoration offers a good site for photo opportunities as well as fishing. After a full day at the beach  explore a wealth of eating options in the surrounding area—check out Malibu Country Mart for lunch and Nobu Malibu for dinner.

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