‘Nothing To See Here’

Sick and vicious and that’s just the world outside your doorstep.  Imagine the savages on some god forsaken sun drenched island in the middle of the South Pacific. Don’t even begin to think about what the locals may do to your brand new luggage as it’s portaged it in their filthy boats.

I say stay at home and get your culture at your computer, why go to China when you can swing by Chinatown on your way home from work for some real general Tso’s chicken.  Japan, No thank you I’ll have ramen instead. Chile, nope I don’t even like Mexican food. Airplanes are cesspools of sorrow and ego filled with obnoxious people talking about where the have and haven’t had the displeasure of sowing their wild oats. Stay at home, read a book and get out of my way.

Words & Photography by: Shawn Corrigan