The Best Asian Inspired Eats In New York

In a city where you can find Ethiopian, Mexican, Chinese and Thai all on the same block, there is no shortage of incredible cuisine waiting to be discovered.

From Manhattan to Brooklyn, we have compiled a list of our favorite Asian-inspired meals steeped in authentic flavors that won’t break the bank.

Chomp Chomp7 Cornelia Street, NY | Tucked away in the far north, lies Chomp Chomp food centre which is highly regarded as the best hawker centre in Singapore. Drawing inspiration from ‘hawker street food,’ Chef Simpson Wong brings his ode to the food vendors from his homeland into his new restaurant. From traditional Sarawak Laska with prawns, chicken, tofu puffs, eggs and noodles in spicy coconut broth to Hah Zheung Gai featuring shrimp chicken wings, celery and crispy garlic, his concoctions do not disappoint. Learn more at


Baohaus238 East 14th St, NY | Brought to prominence following a feature on Anthony Bourdain’s show “The Layover” in 2011, Baohaus has now become a staple of the East Village. Its infamous Chairman Bao pork bun with braised all natural Berkshire pork belly served with relish, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar, and cilantro runs for $4.05 and trust us, you won’t be able to order just one! We also highly recommend trying the Birdhaus Bao bun with all natural fried chicken brined 24 hours, served with salt, lemon-garlic aioli, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar, and cilantro if you are inclined. Learn more about their catering and delivery options at

baohausYakiniku Futago37 West 17th Street, NY | First established in Tokyo in 2010, this Japanese style BBQ restaurant offers a selection of the best quality meats including high-end Wagyu beef imported straight from its motherland. The menu is completed by a selection of delicious Japanese shochus served straight up or in cocktails, wines, and sparkling sakes. The New York restaurant is the flagship of North America with thirty locations worldwide in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Hawaii. Book your reservation now to experience Futago at

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Pok Pok117 Columbia St, Brooklyn| Now a household name, Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok offers a seal of authenticity and taste in Northern Thai cooking. This no-frills, no-reservations waterfront restaurant located in Red Hook, Brooklyn is worth the trek for its Vietnamese fish sauce wings and Cha Cha “La Vong,” a Vietnamese catfish marinated in turmeric with sour sticky rice, scallions and dill. View the full menu at