Finding Moroccan Treasure with The Secret Souk

Founded by Nicole Manfron and Jasmine Hamed, The Secret Souk is a curated marketplace bringing the finest Moroccan antiques, rugs, home goods and more to doorsteps around the world.

The souks of Marrakech line a deep network of alleys and lanes that spread out in orderly chaos, like a circulatory system through the heart of the city. Each stall passed by is a shelter of unsold treasures. It’s hard for the eyes to take in at first. From glittering silver teapots, to a myriad of colored pottery and ceramics, brightly colored textiles to more neutrally patterned rugs, leather satchels and totes… the options are seemingly endless. Every souk has a selection of more than 100 items from each category and, as a visitor, the choices are indeed overwhelming.

Fashion designer and stylist Nicole Francesca along with her friend and fellow designer, Jasmine Hamed, recognized the dazzling and often paralyzing effect the souks can have on travelers. As such, they came together to form The Secret Souk, a curated gift shop of the souks’ most authentic treasures. Here, Nicole offers her top recommendations for any nomadic traveler looking to bring home the most coveted gifts from Morocco.

The Secret Souk will be curating the design of The Oasis Festival, an intimate electronic music festival taking place at The Source from September 16-18th, 2016. By bringing their curated aesthetic to the stage, international attendees from around the world will have the opportunity to shop the most unique souvenirs hand selected by Nicole and Jasmine. Marrakesh-based photographer Saad Alami photographs the latest treasures found by The Secret Souk below.


Electrify-Nicole 1

Electrify-Nicole 2

Photography CreditSaad Alami

To learn more about the Secret Souk or to purchase items displayed in above, visit You can find them at The Oasis Festival from September 16-18th, 2016 at The Source Marrakesh – more information here.

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