7 Travel Apps You Need

Headed out of the country? It’s pertinent that you have all the necessary preparation in case – God forbid – you don’t have WiFi or cellular connection.

In fact, most well versed backpackers and chic travelers alike often forgo the insane costs (or at least for us Americans) to have international cell service. For those of us who put AT&T/Verizon/Sprint on hold for an international departure there are a few options. Dani Kowalczyk, a Chicago-based associate editor at Electrify Mag advises to “get an iPhone that is unlocked and snag a European sim for around as little as a few euros for top up service,” she explains. “This is the most easy and painless route. If you can’t manage this, then WiFi in all the gratuitous or paid locations are key…

“I’ve learned to [always] input an address into Google Maps or screenshot images, tickets, emails and any other necessary info to get you from point A to B. Prepare yourself for when you don’t have WiFi.”

Dianna Loevner, a New York contributor currently traveling throughout Europe suggests to download eDreams for a quick alternative to Kayak for flight bookings or Duolingo to brush up on your Spanish. With these troubles in mind, we bring you a list of both essential and just down right fun (maybe a tad flirtatious) apps to aid you on your next intercontinental voyage.

  1. Google Maps: Ideal for setting up navigation to assist when your sans WiFi/internet connection. If you get location in and the navigation started before abandoning the WiFi, Google Maps still aides you in keeping track of where you are and if you’ve strayed from the blue dots.
  2. Whatsapp: Great to use abroad when speaking with others who are not based in the United States, especially if they are not with the same service as yours. You will quickly learn that everyone outside the United States uses Whatsapp as their basic SMS medium.
  3. Tinder: Tinder is a great way to meet locals, or other travelers, who are up to show you around local cool spots and digs. Of course you have to weed out the ones who may want more but hey, to each their own!
  4. Translate: For the simple sentences, ingredients, or words you can’t seem to figure out.
  5. Paypal/Venmo: Make it easy to split payments in your own currency, especially if your bank is one of those banks that charge for everything. Also, a lot quicker than an IOU.
  6. eDreams: An efficient and effective way to get your next flight sorted. Tip: expect a small service charge added to the price listed when plugging in a card other than MasterCard debit.
  7. Duolingo: You don’t want to be stuck in Germany and not know the basic language. Start your journey by learning and practicing on Duolingo, an app that teaches you how to get by with a little help from your iPhone.

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