Escape to Cabarete, Dominican Republic

At Sea Horse Ranch, we journey beyond the sunbathers and typical coconut cocktails of the Dominican Republic’s relaxing shores, and head to the heart of adventure in Puerto Plata: Cabarete — a laid-back beach town that nurtures thrill-seekers and spontaneous travelers to delve off the beaten path and discover the wild side of this Caribbean oasis.

The remedy of vacation conjures various vitalities for the varying traveler. To explore, retreat, disconnect, taste, experience, socialize, the list goes on. An escape to Cabarete means you’re immersing yourself in a culture of leisure and a lifestyle of adventure. Lose yourself in the rhythm of island life; basking in the beauty of the juxtaposition of jungle and ocean that have your days flipping between farming and fishing; spelunking and surfing; frolicking in the falls and bathing in the brine.

Explore the resort town that put the northern coast of the Dominican Republic on traveler’s radars worldwide. Engage with the melting pot of visitors in the old town streets of Calle Principal, or over culinary delights and live music. Find the similarities in your culture through the culture that Cabarete has created. Snorkel the coral reefs, kite surf the rad waves, be involved in activity that stimulates your senses and check it all off your bucket list with a new found friend. Bond with your fellow travelers who have all come to seek a new experience, or to write a new chapter. But most of all, bond with yourself, find the grounding reason for your trip here and leave with a refreshed perspective to hold onto until your next adventure.

Team Credits
Director: Spencer Byam-Taylor
Talent: Jocelyn Chew, Farrah Holt & Daiane Sodré
Producer & Wardrobe Stylist: Amanda Ho
Beauty Director: Jillian Halouska