What Drives Nomadic Travel Photographer Marianna Jamadi

Marianna Jamadi is a definitive creative. Finding art through her lens, on paper, in new countries, or in expressive designs, Jamadi “gets lost in the creative process.” This innate drive stems from her roots in Finnish and Indonesian culture–raised oceans away in California–that created a constant desire to capture the uniquely beautiful moments that travel so often presents. Jamadi sanctions these sacred moments through photography, words, and design on her Instagram @nomadic_habit and we can’t help but marvel at her work that instills creativity in ourselves.

What was the moment in which you knew you were going to be a photographer? 

I was on a trip with my father in Indonesia back in 2007 and it was my one of my first trips with a digital SLR. I found myself shooting out of windows and feeling a sensory thrill when I captured moments that inspired me. Reversely, when I saw moments that I was not able to capture, I could feel the frustration of having missed that moment. It was then that I knew that photography was a reflex, a passion, and something all together innate.


When did you realize Instagram was the way to leverage your work?

When I left New York City back in 2013 to travel and document the world for one year, I did the journey without a phone or even Instagram. It wasn’t until after that trip in 2014 that I started to use the platform. It became a great way to connect with people, brands, and other media that previously I did not have access to. It also allows you to find those who are like-minded and brands or companies that share similar views and this is how I began to find work. In the last few years, it has allowed me to travel, cultivate new relationships, and create inspiring work.



Do you believe in filters? If so, what is your go-to?

I always use VSCO for all my iPhone and digital shots. I wouldn’t say I have a go-to because each job is different and different filters work for different moods.


What is one of the favorite destination shoots you have done? And do you ever leave the camera behind to experience a place from outside the lens?

I really enjoyed shooting the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu with Mountain Lodges of Peru. I do try to give myself a day or two without a camera when I am traveling abroad so that I can fully immerse myself in a place. I typically like to do this upon arrival to a new place so that I can get a feel for the culture and people which also allows me to get a feel for how I might approach photography. Do people like being photographed? How can I be culturally sensitive? Is it safe to carry expensive equipment? Things like that.



What is an upcoming shoot you’re looking forward to and why?

I’m about to head to Costa Rica with REI and I can’t wait to document wild jungles and the adventures that lurk in Central America.


To see more of Marianna’s latest work, visit her website at nomadic-habit.com.