Behind The Lens: Ride The Lightning with Kate Bellm

If you can track her down, you will find Majorca-based photographer, Kate Bellm searching for her next adventure and of course, capturing the madness along the way.

It’s hard to look at her photographs without a sense of longing creeping into your thoughts. It’s not just location envy, either. It’s a sense that she’s tapped into a feeling that we all covet in our own way. I’m talking about that lust for life and the thrill of existing that will never fail to mesmerize us. We look at the free spirited girls in Kate’s photos and hope that, somehow, that untamed part of them that makes them impossible to ignore might be part of us too.

It is no surprise that the nomadic lifestyle that is portrayed in Kate’s work reflects her state of being. In touch with the modern world, but devoted enough to an off the grid existence, Kate does more than reveal the stunning products of her own imagination — her art will make you want to break free from monotony and embrace the adventure for yourself. Read our exclusive Q&A below:

You don’t abide by the rules of fashion photography. How do you break this mold?

By not involving myself too much in it, because fashion is a business and I find more creative freedom in other aspects of life. Just living life and photographing the people and worlds that pass by is good enough for me.


No holds barred, describe your ideal shoot.

[An] ideal shoot is what I often do. Take a group of friends on a road trip though a random country and shoot whatever adventures we get up to. Of course in my dream of dreams, it would involve a sweet van, somewhere tropical, surf skate and sharing beds with all your mates every night.

What have your nomadic tendencies taught you about yourself?

I see that all of our problems are so small and we can learn so much from all the cultures in this world and how they raise their kids, cook, paint, build, garden and live. Every country is a huge inspiration, because we can live with so much less. Being  nomadic in this world frees your mind. You have no rent, no commitments… [you] just keep going till you don’t want to anymore.


Of all the stamps you’ve collected in your passport, what makes Iceland stand out?

Well Iceland was just a completely random decision in [our] travel plans. I’m obsessed with hot springs so of course I wanted to go adventure to some of the natural ones there, but also why not bring some friends and make a skate experiment around the entire island for my friends at Desillusion magazine? Life and work always go hand in hand.


You capture the essence of a “free-spirit” in your photos. How do you define freedom?

By living like one… off the grid, in the nature. Freeing yourself from the grind of the city can be a beautiful thing.


What has you feeling especially creative lately?

[Being] underwater… it’s a paradise underwater. Every colour imaginable [has] incredible light bouncing off deep rocks. And of course just feeling lost in the ocean going deep down, feeling the loneliest and happiest you have ever been in your whole life.







Learn more about Kate Bellm’s work via her website and stay tuned for her upcoming exhibition at the Roman Road Gallery in London this December 2015.