Chloe Norgaard Launches Charity Initiative To Save The Bees

We need to give our bees a break. The survival of this essential pollinator is threatened by human interference. From habitat loss caused by urbanization to the use of harmful pesticides, it comes as no surprise that hives aren’t thriving.

The good news is, it has never been easier for us to take action to help reverse the damage. The best part? It’s all in the name of art. Rainbow haired beauty and model, Chloe Norgaard has joined forces with fellow environmental advocate, Cole Miller to form Wildflower Boom.’

This collaborative “guerilla planting” project aims to provide an abundance of food for bees and other crucial pollinators while infusing the colorful beauty of wildflowers into our landscapes. Forget pristine rows in guarded gardens and imagine untamed blooms growing fearlessly through sidewalk cracks. Wildflower Boom gardens are more than bee sanctuaries. They are a chance to let your own inner wildness take root and blossom. Read on as we catch up with Chloe on the importance of keeping it natural and what you can do to help #savethebees.

Tell us about Wildflower Boom and how it came to be.

Chloe: I had this idea a couple of years ago where I just wanted to guerrilla plant a ton of flowers everywhere. When I was little, my mom and I would get big bags of wildflower seeds in Texas and scatter them all around and wait for them to grow. I figured this would work in cities too. Without the bees we are in trouble, they pollinate a third of the food we eat. I remembered Cole was very into bees and helping them so joining together in this made perfect sense. It’s a natural art project for the aesthetic of sight, smell and color, but also beneficial for the environment.

If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be? Where would you want to be planted?

Chloe: I love flowers that grow in extreme places. Flowers are so resilient; they grow in the cracks of cement on sidewalks and highways, through the snow in spring and in the desert. I love peony’s, wisteria, jasmine.

It seems like we can all find a way to help out. How can we ‘join the boom’?

Chloe: It’s pretty simple: just find a plot of land and figure out what plants are native to that area and start a little garden, or what we like to call, ‘bee sanctuary’ (butterflies too). We suggest using only natural pesticides and fertilizers, because if they are synthetic it defeats the purpose.



How do you see this movement gaining momentum globally?

Chloe: As we have been researching, I have found that a lot of people are doing similar things. We want to team up and support all the other groups as well to start a chain reaction.

Wildflower and Dirty Girl have already teamed up. Are there any other collaborations in the works?

Chloe: Liberty was so fun to work with. I loved her soaps even before this and getting to make these with her was awesome. We also have bee hats made by Cathy Jean Millinery which will also be for sale on Dirtygrl soon.

In the spirit of mindful and ecologically responsible planting, where should we turn for further guidance and information?

Chloe: We support a nonprofit called New York Bee Sanctuary who has an amazing team of specialists. NYBS has a very informative website with lots of information. is also a great source.

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 Learn more about how you can help at 
Support by purchasing a ‘Wildflower Boom’ hat here
Photo Credit: Emanuele d Angelo of Livin Cool