EAST, Miami: This Brickell Hotel Flaunts Arts, Cuisine and Culture

As I stepped into the intimate, low-lit lobby of EAST, Miami I took in its patterned stone floors and elegantly chiseled walls. The attentive staff greeted me graciously as I made my way across the meticulously designed and balanced feng shui lobby. The attention to detail at this eco-conscious hotel was instantly obvious and I felt like I was entering the designer’s own home. Read more “EAST, Miami: This Brickell Hotel Flaunts Arts, Cuisine and Culture”

Jnane Tamsna: Marrakech’s Hidden Culinary Gem

The private estate, Jnane Tamsna, takes up nine acres of lush Moroccan land, offering 24 ensuite bedrooms, sprawling gardens and an in-house dining experience like no other. When you eat at Jnane Tamsna, you eat like you are family. The large dining room with high arched ceilings, bright textiles and potted greenery maintain the familiarity and comfort of your most content family dinners. Read more “Jnane Tamsna: Marrakech’s Hidden Culinary Gem”