We present you with the opportunity to contribute your work for publish in our highly curated online magazine. As a community with focus on the global generation, we want to hear about your most transformative travels and to peek your wildest adventures; we want to hear who is motivating you right now and what products are on your radar. From travel guides and trendsetters to style tips and savvy essentials, we’re curious to learn more and to share more, but please follow our guidelines below for both written and photography submissions. Being published will guarantee exposure across our network and audience. When submitting please follow the guidelines outlined on this page. Upon reviewing submissions, Electrify Mag reserves the rights to accept or deny any submission we receive.

To Submit: Please title all submission emails with ‘Electrify Mag Print Contributor Submission’ to [email protected]

Written Submissions

We pride ourselves on sharing authentic and quality content with an authoritative and personal tone. We don’t like “very,” or “many,” or “really” and prefer to avoid cookie-cutter articles that are too far removed from our audience. Whether you’re submitting a destination piece, an interview with a trailblazer, or rounding up the latest style trends, your piece should have character and follow both the Electrify tone and style. We ask that you spend some time browsing our website and familiarizing yourself with our content to ensure you grasp these guidelines and our key genres, which are listed below.



Just got back from a place we can’t miss? Inspired by a country’s colors, culture or communities? Enamored by a short-but-sweet weekend hotspot? We’re listening…

We’re interested in two types of pieces here:

  • Travelogues are photo-heavy articles accompanied by 500-700 words describing your trip from a personal perspective. From touring coffee plantains in Columbia, to spiritual awakenings in Bali, we want our readers to experience the destination from your point of view, from behind your lens. Please submit your 500-700 word article with 25-30 high resolution image selects of 1800w.
  • Travel Guides encompass both trips of brevity and length. Whether it’s a weekend getaway that left you with an impressionable 48 Hours in San Francisco or a week in the Galapagos, we’re intrigued by your itineraries and think our readers will be too. Please submit a 800-1000 word article with 15-20 high resolution image selects of 1800w. Please also note the importance of the format for this article as an hour-by-hour break down of your trip, as well as the Address Book at the end of the article. The Address Book gives a cohesive list of the key experiences under the headings: Where To Stay, Where To Eat & Drink, What to See & Do.


This is where we specifically spotlight hotel openings, the latest destinations on our radar, popular restaurants we’re crushing on, wellness getaways, and anywhere or anything that has caught our eye that we simply can’t keep a secret. If you’ve got a hotspot, we want to know about it while it’s… hot!



Did you discover Italy’s best gelato stand (or at least what you think is the best)? Or stumble upon a hole-in-the-wall serving up local delicacies? Or even had the pleasure of experiencing one of the world’s top-rated restaurants? We’re hungry for it all.



We are fascinated by trailblazing men and women both within the travel sphere and outside of it. From safari guides to hoteliers, chefs and entrepreneurs, we want to profile innovators in their industry, to share both their inspiring and reputable work.


A Day in The Life

Have a riveting individual we should know about? You know, the one that you can never get ahold of, the one that spends the majority of their time creating and the one that stands out in a crowd. We want to immerse our readers into their daily routine by capturing original content of their morning rituals, wellness routines, travel traditions, and work habitats. For this, we ask you pitch us an individual–tell us about them. What makes them interesting? Where do they live? And why should we consider spending a day with them?


Style & Essentials

We don’t want to just roundup travel products and travel essentials, we want you to be stylish year-round. Our radars are always tuned to find the latest and most desired trends, and we’d love to hear your suggestions. Roundup and listicle format.