Sharleen Ernster on The Birth of Hot-As-Hell

Are you ready to be Hot-As-Hell? The body positive California-based lingerie brand is one to watch in 2016. Founded in 2014 by Sharleen Ernster, the brand prides itself on quality products made using conscientious processes.

From lace bras to cheetah print body suits, trend setting and versatility is what continuously inspires Ernster to create new designs. Hot-As-Hell has been seen on ‘it-girl’ models Natasha Oakley, Devin Brugmanto and Cailin Russo, who was featured in the brand’s debut campaign. For their second year anniversary HAH debuted their 2017 collection at Miami Swim Week starring Caroline Vreeland, Sam Blacky, Natalie Boras and more!

Photographer Jorden Keith captures models Isabella Farrell and Stephanie Yonkovich wearing HAH attire around New York City in an exclusive editorial below the break.

HAH seems to be a body positive brand, what would be your best advice for women who are not comfortable with their bodies? 

The things that you are not comfortable with tend to be the very things that make you uniquely beautiful… ‘Perfection’ does not equal ‘beauty;’ what’s really beautiful is how you become who you are, how you learn to live with, and love, what made you uncomfortable. It’s HAH to be yourself, to set an example to yourself, the world, and the next generation of women. And all those negative perceptions of your body are limiting your potential.

Women want to feel sensual when wearing lingerie, what motivates and inspires the HAH brand?

Simplicity, comfort, ease, longevity… this is what inspires HAH everyday. The idea that we can deliver product that is always sexy and sensual, but also easy to care for, easy to wear and fit into, and that lasts a long time… It’s HAH to be simple and easy… Sexy should be fluid and simple for your everyday life; sensual is being able to live in your lingerie and swimwear all the time. And above all, it should be conscientiously made and easy on the environment too.



Describe HAH in three words?

Authentic, Timeless, Conscientious

What makes HAH different from other competitors?

HAH is the only sexy brand of intimate womenswear that offers superior, quality products made using conscientious processes (sustainable, eco friendly fabrics and techniques). Our product is easy to wear and easy to care for, natural (no padding, hardware or embellishments) and attainable. We are simplifying sexy – simple to buy, wear, take care of, pack, and live your life in… everywhere, everyday.



How do you most connect with your consumers and people who love the HAH brand? 

For HAH the best connections HAHppen when our customers interact with the product. Once a woman puts on HAH, she just gets it. We also connect strongly through our imagery on all platforms.

What are the top key requirements for starting a successful lingerie brand?

Fit & quality – these are a non-negotiable. Plus it’s important to know your market… you can’t be all things to everybody – pick a niche, be great at something, and don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s easy to get distracted and/or do tons of things that, in total, don’t mean anything.  Be the best at your core… the rest will come.



What has been the brand’s biggest accomplishment to date?

Just being alive for 11 months. We came, we conquered, we shipped, we_are_hah…

How important is customer feedback?

This is everything – there’s nothing more important than customer feedback!  HAH wouldn’t exist without our customers purchasing again and again and spreading the word.


Get a sneak peak of Hot-As-Hell’s latest 2017 Collection at SwimMiami below!

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