Meet Mieux Derma A Beauty Line Infused With Herbal Medicine

Having trouble getting clear skin? With over thirteen different skin moisturizers and face cleansing products this Australian beauty brand Mieux Derma not only provides you with a fresh face, but natural essentials to give you the healthy skin you desire.

Using the finest quality in natural oils that caters to all skin concerns from dry skin to acne concerns this beauty brand definitely is one to watch! We caught up with the founder of the line, Shuaike Zhang to learn more about the emerging luxury line below.

Mieux Derma prides themselves for being an environment friendly beauty skin care brand, what separates you from other skin care brands who claim to be organic and refreshing?

At Mieux Derma we don’t claim to be organic, but we do pride our selves on using of the finest quality Australian plant based oils and Chinese medicinal herbology techinques to produce naturally derived active skin care products that are truly unique in texture and scent. Most importantly the products functions on all skin concerns.


What kind of clientele would you say Mieux Derma gears towards and why?

I would say that Mieux Derma is geared towards someone who takes care of herself – not for the praise but for her own self appreciation. The Mieux Derma philosophy is informed by an appreciation for the expansive and ever-evolving Australian landscape. It is the finely crushed sand that litters the plains of Western Australia; the Albatross Colonies that bask in the Bass Strait; and the Silent Lakes of Tropical Queensland, that inform the Mieux Derma manifesto of marrying science and nature to produce an environmentally responsible skincare range.

For someone who has never experimented with organic oils and natural beauty products before, what would be your best advice to them?

I would highly recommend that you try it, even if its just for the experience. A good quality product that includes naturally derived ingredients and essential oils will change the way you perceive skin care. For people who have never experimented with nature beauty, at first you might find it some what different especially on application where you’ll usually only need to apply a very small amount compared to your ordinary beauty products because of the essential oils with in the natural products. A few applications later, you’ll start to get used to the scent of all the essential oils and start noticing during the day the natural oils can actually help control your skin from being oily as your skin is getting a dose of healthy oils as a replacement. I think you’ll really only get to notice the benefits of a good quality natural product is when you have run out and went back onto your ordinary products. The appreciation usually starts then.

What inspired the creation of Mieux Derma?

The love between to human beings. The rest is just hard work and great responsibility.

What are your top 5 beauty tips for someone trying to improve their skincare routine?

The 5 beauty tips below are experiences from using our own products, but not limited to only use Mieux Derma products. Twice a week when you are wanting to deep cleanse, use the Grain & Grit, cleansing exfoliant to get rid of the surface dirt build up, at the same time the crushed limestone will help to open up pores, then follow by any of our gel cleansers to thoroughly cleanse. This technique will also help prevent skin drying especially for very sensitive skin.

After your daily cleansing step, use the Albatross Fog let it absorb then apply your favorite moisturizer or serum. Then use the toner again just before your make – up this will help to lock in the moisture from the moisturizer or serum, at the same time it makes your skin oil free which helps with your make – up application. After you daily cleanse, try using our Replenish & Revive, sensational centella gel before the toner, as the centella is a natural ingredient that regenerates skin cells to condition your skin for a youthful appearance. This is best applied straight after cleansing so the active ingredients can be probably absorbed. As natural products are packed with essential oils, (i.e Timbre & Tone consists of 28 essential oils) when using them make sure on each application to remember less is more.

Skin is our largest organ, therefore drink plenty of water, snack on nuts and fruit, eat plenty of greens and your skin will be glowing. Essentially natural products are there to give skin its nutrients, a bit like multivitamins for the skin.

So far what has been the best selling product sold from your line?

Grain & Grit, the cleansing exfoliant, Wandering Dusk, our hydrating syrup and Albatross Fog, the herbal toner.


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