Discover Your Natural Beauty with Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley, the first-born daughter of singers Bob and Rita Marley, created cannabis lifestyle and beauty brand, Marley Natural, as a way of sharing the holistic remedies of her upbringing.

Made with Jamaican-sourced botanicals and cannabis oil, Marley Natural is a one-of-a-kind brand with a positive approach to beauty. Cedella herself is involved in many projects; she is the ambassador to the Jamaican women’s national soccer team and recently teamed up with the Sandals Foundation to create WHOA (Women Helping Others Achieve) to provide support and education to women across Jamaica.  Here, she discusses what shaped her beauty ideals growing up, the development of her own body care line and how inner beauty is the true key to feeling beautiful.


Growing up, did you utilize and integrate locally available fruits, plants or herbs into homemade skin care, hair serums or health supplements?

My mom would always pick fresh herbs, like Rosemary and Jamaican black castor oil, and mix it up into these formulas for our hair. Looking back, that really helped me — even with my kids today. I know exactly what will help my son with his eczema or what to drink for stomach aches because of the little remedies she passed down.


How did your Jamaican culture and Rastafari roots mold your vision on beauty?

I was always taught to know and understand my roots in order to know and understand myself and my purpose on this planet. I think when you know and are comfortable with who you are as a person, when you know that you are doing good by others and feeding your mind with positivity, you naturally understand what real beauty is.


What was the seed that started the desire to conceptualize and create your own line of body care products?

 Pretty much going along the same lines of what both my mother and father taught us — how things from the earth can heal. I  began sharing my knowledge with the team at Marley Natural, who developed a line of products focusing on using natural materials as the main ingredients. Our team at Marley Natural went through a lot of research and testing — not only what smelled great together but also what botanicals would be beneficial to the skin and general well-being — like lavender is great for relaxation and relief of aches and pains. My inspiration is a holistic focus.  The Marley Natural body care line offers one-of-a-kind and naturally derived formulas that blend earth’s most perfect moisturizer – cannabis sativa oil, also known as hemp seed oil – with the finest Jamaican botanicals.


What roles do positivity and self-love play into your view of beauty?

It’s everything. Beauty is derived from self-love. Only positivity can come from that.


How do you think happiness affects your physical and spiritual self?  

Everything flows from your head down. That basically means [that] when you are in a good place mentally, everything from your health to your mood and general well-being will follow. Internal first, external second. Your body will show when you’re not happy internally —  in your skin, in your hair. Once the inside [heals], it’s interesting to see how drastically the outside changes.

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