5 Sunscreen Essentials To Keep Your Skin Bronzed and Glowing

In the months leading up to summer, we’re busy imagining ourselves soaking up the sun at the nearest lake, beach, or park. The thought of transitioning from the translucency of our winter skin, to the bronze of our summer glow is dangerously appealing. As May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, we’re recognizing the dangerous in this equation, by encouraging the use of suncare in your daily routine.

Sunscreen has come a long way from its thick, white, sticky, scented past, with unique brands and varieties for every skin type and every personal preference. From tinted moisturizers and foundations to light, but durable coverage, there’s an SPF for that. To ensure you’re protected from pre- to post-sun, we scoped out five sunscreen essentials to pick up before the summer heat peaks:


1. Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint

This light and airy foundation is the ultimate product to throw on before any city outing, or beach stroll. The tint is available in 12 different shades to give you a sheer coverage that matches your skin tone. Not only will the SPF 15 foundation aid in sun coverage and act as your foundation for the summer, but it also contains hydrating and firming ingredients that soften imperfections, hydrate throughout the day, and tighten skin with each use. – Shop now


2. Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector 100% Mineral Sunscreen

As convenient as SPF foundations are for your beauty routine, when you’re dealing with hours-on-end sun exposure, you need the real deal. This face lotion offers just that. Kiehl’s formulated broad spectrum protection into a lightweight lotion, that is non-greasy and non-pore clogging, so that sensitive skin need not fear. The 100 percent mineral sun lotion is SPF 50 and water resistant, so a day on the water requires this ‘screen, which is even loaded with antioxidants to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals; preventive action for skin’s aging. – Shop now


3. Epicuren Anti-Aging Lip Balm

Lips are a high-risk area, yet often neglected during sunscreen application. To avoid rubbing facial products on your lips, stick with this UV filtering, SPF 15 lip balm that assures hydration and protection. The balm is formulated with shea and cocoa butters, along with a variety of natural oils, including coconut, sunflower and tea tree oils. Along with being protective in the present, the natural ingredients include anti-aging components to keep your lips healthy, and looking healthy, for years to come. – Shop now


4. REN Satin Perfection BB Cream

As an alternative to your usual moisturizer, this BB cream provides color-adaptive technology to prime and protect the face for seamless, daily use. The non-oily product offers a matte, satin finish to a wide range of light to medium skin tones, as well as SPF 15 and antioxidant rich ingredients to further shield the face from harmful UV damage. After application, your skin appears flawless, which is an incentive to keep using the product, as it continues to tone, firm and smooth your skin past sun exposure. – Shop now


5. RESCUE Serum Concentrate

Although most of us may have our pre-sun checklist situated, the post-sun products are just as important (if not more important) in protecting your skin from UV damage. RESCUE’s solution to post-exposure is based off their stem cell derived MDFC19, which stimulates cellular turnover. The quick absorption serum is a refreshing way to end your day in the sun, acting as a treatment with pro-collagen and dermal fibroblast production as added benefits. – Shop now