Introducing “Global Generation” Vol. 01

– Letter From The Editor –

I embarked on my first trans-Pacific journey from New York to Hong Kong when I was ten-months old. Year after year, I would make the trip to pay homage to my immediate family living abroad. I owe the innate travel bug to my parents, who allowed me to experience the exhilaration of touching down in a foreign land from an early age. My travels over the past decade have brought me to more than twenty countries, from unearthing the ancient ruins of Bagan (Myanmar) to circling Iceland on the One Ring road in a camper van.

Living in New York has intensified my desire for the necessity of constant movement. The urban jungle breeds materialism and a luxury of excess, characteristics that are quickly stripped away when you are standing at the edge of the Earth. It is when I am far beyond the reaches of the metropolis that I remember the simple pleasures in life and how being in a state of wonderment is an accomplishment on its own. Travel is about the journey, not the destination. Every experience is a culmination of our own worldview and acknowledging that travel has the power to deconstruct the way we perceive our way of life. It is about the people we meet along the way who challenge the way we think, inspire us to create and electrify our lives.

Being globally minded is more than a generational trend; it is an understanding of the interconnectedness in today’s modern society and the influence it holds for us to make an impact. It is an appreciation for a heightened social awareness and having a personal spiritual sense of the world. It is this notion that I hope to share with you: a mindset that has become our global generation. Each story in this inaugural issue illuminates individuals who are forging their path as leaders of this movement. We are blessed with one life to live on this incredible planet, and every day, we are given a new chance begin our journey.

Amanda Ho
Founder / Editor-In-Chief

What’s Inside

  • 128 pages of exclusive print content
  • Off-set printed; Perfect bound; Printed proudly in New York, USA
  • Luxurious 100# matte cover stock with a dull UV coating; 80# Influence gloss text

Spotlighting the alluring ‘off-the-beaten-path’ nature of Nicaragua, Electrify Mag chose Cerro Negro volcano at a 2,388 foot elevation and the sustainable luxe Jicaro Ecolodge located at Lake Nicaragua as a backdrop for the “Global Generation” cover story featuring Ashley Smith photographed by Electrify Mag’s Creative Director, Christopher DeMairo.

Featured Stories

  1. Jimmy Chin Photo Story / Q&A: With a devotion to exploration and art, National Geographic photographer, Jimmy Chin combines both passions on the world’s hardest expeditions.
  2. Ray Collins Photo Story / Q&A: Capturing the fleeting moments of a wave’s journey to dissipation, award-winning photographer, Ray Collins feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land.
  3. Marianna Jamadi Photo Story / Narrative: Wild, untouched and captivating, Nicaragua’s lush landscape has captivated photographer Marianna Jamadi, who shares what has made the Central American country one of her favorite off-the-beaten-path escapes.
  4. Elaine Ling Photo Story / Narrative: Elaine Ling is an exuberant adventurer, traveler, and photographer who is most at home backpacking her view camera across the great deserts of the world and sleeping under the stars.
  5. Johan Lolos Photo Story / Narrative: Adventure photographer Johan Lolos swaps misty mountains for the drama of Jordan’s red desert landscapes.
  6. Reuben Wu Photo Story / Narrative: Surrealist photographer, Reuben Wu takes us on a sonic exploration of his other-worldly escapes.

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