Discovering Sicily

Explore the world and experience the contours of foreign lands, their styles and structures, every day slipping into the fresh new garment that is a perfect hotel. These oases offer ample amenities and views to allow you to stay in without the slightest hint of guilt, or easy access to venture out and enjoy the

Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Spending your holiday below the equator soaking up the tropical heat? Wherever you're heading, your favorite bikini will be a notable first on your packing list. We’ve recently discovered San Lorenzo Bikinis, a thriving swimwear label whose mission is to embrace the natural, effortless beauty of the human form. Bringing the hottest South American bikini

Catch A Wave With Mollusk

"Beach bums unite." From the shores of California, Mollusk Surf Shop brings us their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2015 inspired by a road trip down the Pacific coastline. From comfy sweatshirts to water repellent jackets, the winter line will suit the most practical of needs while maintaining a stylish sensibility. Captured by 30-year-old West coast photographer Will Adler, his light

The Best of Nicaragua

Taking into account the number of exotic destinations scattered across Central America, if you ever get the opportunity to go to Nicaragua, you should take it. You may have most recently heard the exciting news about the Momotombo volcano erupting for the first time in 100 years or perhaps you have seen the volcano sledding videos

Decoding Jazz Legend Kamasi Washington

Jazz takes on a different persona, one of youth, eccentricity, and vibrancy. Jazz that feels more cosmic and experimental draws in fans of electronic and hip-hop, and artists like saxophonist Kamasi Washington are leading the way. Washington is LA-bred, having performed with the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill, and Snoop Dogg, even playing a part

5 Must-See Destinations In Ireland

"Pass through charming untouched villages like the fishing village of Kinvarra, and let turquoise and salt water taffy-colored buildings greet you as you stumble through from cafe to pub." What is it about Ireland that captures the minds of wanderers around the globe? It's no surprise to come across a person who has Ireland on their

Finding Inspiration At Maderas Village in Nicaragua

I was in the middle of a song-writing session in Bushwick (Brooklyn) when my longtime friend and founder of Electrify Mag, Amanda Ho texted me to see if I wanted to join her on an editorial expedition to Nicaragua. For the sole purpose of having never been to Nicaragua, I said yes. A few weeks

‘Natural Disposition’

"A whisper of the changing season blows across my skin. The nights are growing longer now but with time and distance I have learned that friendships as real as these come as a second nature." When I was young I thought we’d never separate. As a child, you build friendships as if you are all

The Norwegian Terrain

In the backseat you can find out who you are and decide what you should do." This may be true, although I like to start any road trip as a third wheel with much less pressure to become rather than be. My friend and her boyfriend of one year, a holiday that was an ode


“Each season, Cocurata collaborates with artists such as Trudy Benson, Bäst and Matt Jones to create limited edition items that consumers can collect." Art curates fashion. The fine line between the fashion and art world has been blurred for centuries now with the industries regularly crossing paths. Up-and-coming fashion label– Cocurata– brings a contemporary spin

‘Out Of Order’

"Mundanity will be the death of me. It seeps like a venom into my veins, slowing my heart beat and numbing my senses. I’m tired of the context, the excuses and the waiting. In a world of habitual repetitive acts, I dare you to put things out of order. Cast a light onto the murky

7 Travel Apps You Need

Headed out of the country? It's pertinent that you have all the necessary preparation in case - God forbid - you don't have WiFi or cellular connection. In fact, most well versed backpackers and chic travelers alike often forgo the insane costs (or at least for us Americans) to have international cell service. For those