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1 Hotels: Urban Hospitality At the Forefront of Design and Sustainability

At 1 Hotels, nature is a luxury that speaks to the beauty in eco-hospitality. From South Beach to Brooklyn, the brand has grown within the past five years to create experiences with impact, rooted in innovative sustainability. In 2012, Chairman a...

The Turning Tide: Oceanic Global’s Call To Action for Our Ocean’s Health

Draw a deep breath through your nose, fill your lungs and hold it there a moment. Now slowly exhale through your mouth. Perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that rainforests are responsible for producing 28 percent of the oxygen you’ve just inh...

Cempedak Island: Eco-Luxury with a Castaway Experience

Imagine a deserted island; 42 acres of lush rainforest rising high above turquoise waters that engulf pristine sandy beaches inhabited only by silver-leaf monkeys and families of sea otters. This dream island really does exist, just nine kilometres o...

From Air To Water: How Karim Iliya Began Dancing With Whales

Growing up in the Middle East and Asia, marine photographer, Karim Iliya, certainly had his fair share of diverse cultural exploration. But nothing could have prepared him for what lies beneath the surface after his first encounter with a humpback wh...

A Guide To The Best of Berlin’s Vintage Shopping

The locals describe Berlin as ‘poor but sexy’, which isn’t entirely an incorrect description. From the urban, punk-ish graffitied streets of Friedrichshain in Berlin’s East to the rapidly gentrifying, hipster neighborhood of Neukölln, Berlin is vibra...

7 Things I Learned on a 7-Day Detox

Part of traveling means tasting the local flavor and when you travel for a career, all that eating and sipping without a way to burn it off tends to add up. Although I wouldn’t change my guiltless-in-the-moment indulgences, when I do return to realit...

Modern Design from Morocco To Your Home With Popham Design

In a quiet olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco, an unsuspecting workshop buzzes with artisans meticulously crafting cement tiles. You might not believe it at first glance, but the tiles produced in this small atelier are exported to lu...

How To Find Your Zen Through an Exotic Retreat with Yoga For Bad People’s Heather Lilleston

“Joy and pain / are like sunshine and rain…” The Maze lyrics float in the air as Heather Lilleston grooves to the smooth jazzy beat, pouring up her morning ritual of apple cider vinegar and water. “I do this every morning,” she says as she ra...

Foraging In the Andes: Redefining Peruvian Cuisine with Central’s Virgilio Martinez

Virgilio Martinez does not limit his craftsmanship to the kitchen. After opening his restaurant Central in Lima, the Peruvian chef was driven to modify his style of cuisine after critics compared Central to restaurants in New York City and London. Wh...
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