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5 Airport Bars That Are Worth The Layover

Airports behold a kind of pre- or post-journey for the travelers passing through the lines of security and suitcases; the air of mingling languages and peeks of the passports revealing nationalities of your fellow peers in that very moment, on that v...

Social Luminary Patrick Janelle on Instagram, Cocktail Culture and Co-Founding His Coveted Creative’s Club

Walking into Patrick Janelle's SoHo apartment is like entering a behind-the-scenes montage of what’s portrayed in his Instagram newsfeed—tasteful posters gifted from friends, refined souvenirs such as the apothecaries from his time living in Germ...

Kimi Werner: The Freediver and Champion Spear Fisher Opens Up About the Environment and Conquering Fear

Kimi Werner has made a career out of being able to hold her breath for a very long time – that is an astonishing four minutes and 45 seconds of time! An icon in the world of freediving, she is kept busy enough with numerous sponsorships and pr...

Meet Henry Rich: The Restaurateur Behind Brooklyn’s First Carbon-Neutral Restaurant Project

Henry Rich took his first step into the restaurant world in 2010, during the same week he sold his first venture, a specialty breath mints company that he'd spent the previous seven years building. "It was a really cool experience – we managed...

Behind The Lens: KT Merry on Raising Awareness with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Three years ago, KT Merry was preparing for any other Tuesday, before a CNN headline disrupted her morning routine—and shortly after, the trajectory of her career. On that morning, a montage of images revealed the last male Northern White Rhino, alon...

Savoring the World’s Famous Suckling Pig at Ubud’s Warung Ibu Oka

There are all sorts of restaurants in this world--there are those that innovate, progress and surprise every time you visit and there are those that are so deeply rooted to the tradition and origins that you know each visit, no matter how many months...

5 New York City Wellness Havens to Chill Out and Warm Up This Winter

In the city that never sleeps, it is no surprise that the fast pace of Manhattan takes its toll on locals and visitors alike. Packed schedules and never-ending to-do lists become even more burdensome when the weather offers no relief, making the cold...

Combining Adventure and Conservation: How Sean Privett is Preserving South Africa’s Floral Kingdom

To the very southwest of South Africa lies one of the world’s six Floral Kingdoms. Over a million hectares of national parks, nature reserves, state forests and mountain catchment areas make up the Cape Floral Region, and it is this area that Sean Pr...

The Fairmont Royal Palm: Alternative Luxury in the Midst of Marrakech

With its definitive color palette of adobe hues, it’s no wonder the pink and white scheme of the Fairmont Royal Palm fits in perfectly between Marrakech’s medina and the Atlas Mountains. Situated on 231 acres halfway between the old medina and the...
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