The Essence of The Menjangan: Sustainable Luxury in Northern Bali

As heavenly as it is to experience Bali’s eat-pray-love existential stereotype at a level of luxury, this luxury usually comes with a cost beyond money and time. The footprint of a grandiose hotel on a local community may originally bring beneficial developments but in the long term, the disruptive effects on a once quaint village begin to diminish the preexisting culture.

When staying at The Menjangan, however, you can immediately feel the difference in its boutique qualities as you drive off Bali’s beaten path and enter a land of forested greenery, opposite to the touristy rice paddies, in a quiet solitude surrounding the Java Sea.

From the Bali Tower, to the Monsoon Lodge, and the most recent addition of the Beach Villas, The Menjangan allows nature to encompass guests in all its authenticity. Rooms with unoffensive patios blend into the floral and fauna at your doorstep; wooden and palm materials make up the shared areas, exposing beams that offer a fluid change from exterior to interior; and a 10-minute open-cart ride to the beach, exhibit a type of jungle safari as you cruise by monkeys, deer, birds, and lizards continuing their routine–uninterrupted by your presence.

The natural essence of The Menjangan flows into the activities it offers, like horseback riding and tree planting; to its initiatives in dining, like reusable straws and sustainable ingredients; to the overriding way the resort quietly fits into the local community, among not just nature, but also the native community.

These initiatives have allowed The Menjangan to distinguish itself as a luxury Balinese resort, while simultaneously existing in its unobtrusive state, allowing guests to feel present in all the resort represents; adopting a role as just that–a guest–in nature, in the local community, in the hands of the resort and in the magical air of Bali’s national park.



The Location and its Greater Role in the Community

Even at full capacity, human sightings are rare throughout the property. The privatized lay of the land helps the 24-room, 944-acre resort not to feel overcrowded, with your most likely interactions between passing-by deer and monkeys. The dispersed accommodations and varying featured activities ensure no common area is overcrowded at one time, maintaining that authentic serenity of a hideaway.

Although feeling like a guest in nature is one of the resort’s organic messages, in staying at The Menjangan, you are also welcomed into the family of the resort. From the drivers, to the waitstaff to the concierge, everyone working at The Menjangan are from surrounding villages.



As a result of these sourcing efforts, the 140 members on staff are either related, or an SMK student—the local vocational school that requires students to train with hands-on experience, for whom The Menjangan will allow to train during the day, and also to return in the evening to work for extra money.

The property’s commitment to keep it all in the family, by keeping it in the community, not only encourages a fluid and familiar appeal for guests, but also encourages controlled growth among the local culture, through more access to jobs, increased resources, and improved education.



Adopting Conservation Initiatives

As part of being the biggest development in the community, The Menjangan abides by certain conservation initiatives that make it easy for guests to adapt to during their stay. From banning plastic materials, encouraging recycling guidelines and implementing beach cleanups, the property’s intentions are clear from the moment you check in.

You’ll notice the glass water bottles lining your media center, eco bottles next to your bed, recycling bags inside your closet, drinking stations in the lobbies, metal straws in your drinks and even the wooden keychains that subconsciously ground you each morning and evening as your first and last natural touches.



Experience Your Surroundings through Adventure

From sunrises on the pier to sunsets at Bali tower, let your days at The Menjangan be filled with adventures that create memories for years to come. The unique terrain of the jungle juxtaposed against the glassy coast permits satiation for hikers, divers, riders, swimmers, and spa-goers.

Land lovers and water bugs can enjoy any or all of these activities at their leisure, but are always reminded of the responsibility that being a guest in nature holds; healthy boundaries are required to sustain such activities into the future. Whether that’s keeping to marked paths throughout the property, reinforced encouragement to observe nature from afar, or warnings about standing on the reefs during dives, the guides and staff remind you of your place in nature and in their home.

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