How Cayuga Collection is Pioneering Sustainable Luxury

From Costa Rica’s center, to its Pacific coast and down to its southern Peninsula, Cayuga Collection has transformed what it means to have the sustainable stay you need, with that touch of luxury you desire, during your pura vida travels.

Famed for its allure to the outdoorsy traveler, it’s no secret Costa Rica’s rainforest, wildlife, and surf would have any adventurer coming back time and time again. Yet as the buzz around the Central American hotspot only continues to climb on tourist’s radars, the desire for an authentic “pure life” adventure, only continues to grow too. So, Cayuga Collection has delved into the heart of travel trends to refocus wellness, foodie, and adventure getaways around luxury sustainability; with niche properties in the midst of a coffee plantation, to the typical seaside property that is conjured when surfers dream up their next swell.

The Cayuga properties have refocused these themes to reflect the Costa Rican culture, ensuring that their guests absorb what travelers originally found in the Central American gem; peace of mind that is invoked through the placid calm of nature, fused with the thrill of the escapades that organically arise as part of the Costa Rican landscape.


Dock to Dish with Locally Sourced Ingredients

From land to sea, Cayuga properties don’t miss a beat when it comes to local, fresh ingredients.  One of Cayuga’s more notable, property-wide implementations is their “Dock to Dish” program that provides their chefs with direct access to local fishermen. This ensures the locals continue to reap the benefits of infrastructure by tourism, and that guests enjoy freshly caught seafood. And when it comes to land ingredients, Cayuga also only stocks their restaurants with grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken and organic fruits and vegetables.

To sneak a taste of a specific culinary getaway, Cayuga’s Arenas del Mar frequently offers a guest chef program, so the menu is ever changing. Although beans and rice are a staple of Costa Rican cuisine, international chefs have begun to tie in the use of more local ingredients in their dishes–chocolate, organic coffee, farmstead cheeses and corn products as highlights to this revolution. If your stomach often leads you, before planning your stay, be sure to check out who the next guest chef will be, and what they may be serving up. — Book now


Active & Passive Wellness Routines 

Regardless of which resort you end up at, Cayuga has ensured wellness is at the forefront of your stay with attention to the natural beauty of sunrises and sunsets, coffee wakeups, yoga classes, guided hikes, and a multitude of massage treatments available at the properties’ spas. Special packages are available for any kind of getaway you can imagine, from honeymoon, to girlfriend getaways, to family retreats.

At Lapa Rios, take advantage of both the active side to wellness, with surfing, stand up paddleboarding and guided hikes, along with the more passive activities you may think of when eco-lodge is mentioned; pool lounging, reading and sipping cocktails. — Book now


Jungle and Venture along the ‘Whale Coast’

Along with the typical, sun, surf, and jungle exploration, Costa Rica’s ‘whale coast’ becomes noticeably more active from July through October, so that surfers aren’t the only ones who will be frolicking in the warm waters of the south Pacific. During this time, humpback whales pass through, enroute to cooler, northern waters as they mate, breed and rear their calves. 

Book a spot in Uvita at Kura Design Villas and you may even be able to catch a glimpse of the humpbacks without ever leaving your balcony. The resort ensures guests are equipped with binoculars in each room and a central telescope at the restaurant, so that you’ll never miss a breach. Alternatively, if you want to get up close and personal (and maybe even splashed!) the Villa can arrange a 40-minute boat ride out to the most popular humpback migration paths. And even though you’ll be close, you won’t be too close to encroach on the whale’s patterns, with the property being highly sensitive to biodiversity and committed to protecting the local environment. Book now

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