Little Mombo Camp: An Unforgettable Safari Experience

With the eco-tourism trend gathering momentum within the tourism industry, it’s clear that travelers are becoming increasingly mindful of lowering their impact on the destinations they visit. While sustainable travel and luxury might seem to be two conflicting approaches at first, recent studies have shown that the connection between the two is becoming stronger than ever. Many boutique retreats are now embracing green initiatives in response to travelers’ demands; a broad survey of more than 32,000 travelers from 16 countries conducted last year by revealed that more than half of respondents were likely to choose a destination or hotel based on its social or environmental impact – more than three times the number of those surveyed the previous year. This represents a significant shift in the perception that sustainability and luxury are mutually exclusive; they are, in many cases, becoming more closely aligned than ever before.  


Sustainable travel is about much more than energy-efficient light bulbs and the option to decline the change of bed linens, however. Nowadays, the most ecologically minded retreats are developing programs that are making a true difference to local communities in addition to their conservation efforts. For a getaway that guarantees peace of mind, these eco-luxe retreats offer the perfect balance of luxury and sustainability for discerning travelers who want to experience comfort that doesn’t cost the earth.

For many years, Botswana’s Okavango Delta has attracted travelers and photographers keen to experience one of the most wildlife-rich regions on the planet. A stay at the premier luxury safari camp, Little Mombo Camp by Wilderness Safaris offers the finest game-viewing experiences in the entire delta region. With just three beautifully appointed tented rooms overlooking the floodplain, there is a luxuriously private feeling about Little Mombo Camp. Observing the wildlife is of primary importance to most who visit the Okavango Delta, and guests of Little Mombo Camp can choose to do so on game drives or from the camp itself. Raised more than six feet off the ground, guests can wander the interconnecting walkways without fear, as wildlife wander freely within the grounds.


Little Mombo’s isolated location and biodiversity makes the region a highly suitable area for delicate reintroduction initiatives such as the Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project. In addition to conservation, the camp is committed to reducing energy consumption. Impressively, Little Mombo is 100% solar-powered, and all wastewater is treated, ensuring that it is clean before being released back into the natural environment. Guests are also encouraged to visit the 4Cs Center to learn more about efforts to support commerce, conservation, community and culture in the area.


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