Embracing Sustainability: Setting The Trend with EAST

It’s no secret that individual hotels have a responsibility to support ethical tourism in their country and as global brands, to bring those initiatives to each of their properties. From Mainland China to Miami, the design-oriented EAST hotels of Swire Properties have created a focus around sustainability as they continue to implement innovative practices to highlight the importance of protecting and preserving our world in the long term. These are four of the savviest sustainable practices implemented thus far, giving guests a taste of what to look out for over the next decade of transformation.



Sourcing the freshest ingredients

As a hotel with food at the forefront of their guest’s stay, the EAST, Hong Kong’s Executive Chef David Parkin realized the importance of bringing the freshest ingredients to the table. So Chef Parkin introduced the Urban Garden project, an outdoor garden that grows pesticide and chemical-free herbs, to as a way to highlight flavors in drinks and entrees he serves up at Sugar and Feast. The outdoor garden spans the length of the outdoor pool, with plants such as basil, chili, lemon, mint, parsley, okra, green beans and peppers as a few of the plants that may find a way onto your plates.


So long, waste

In a world where paper is becoming less relevant, and more wasteful, EAST, Beijing decided to ditch the paper. The hotel supports green-technology systems by limiting paper use in customer transactions, from check-in and check-out, to stocking rooms with iPods as information guides for local hotspots and historic guides.

Also, in the name of eliminating waste, EAST, Hong Kong uses an organic, waste-disposal system to break down leftover food into a nutrient-rich water which is removed through pre-existing sewage facilities. This biological process is performed by the GOMIXER and ultimately cuts down on waste around the hotel.



Controlling the water works

At EAST, Miami, the entire hotel’s water pressure system has been regulated in order to reduce water use, protect against water loss from surprise leaks, and increase energy efficiency. As a guest, you won’t feel, or see, the difference, however, the impact this has on the environment is notable. The hotel also relies on a ‘collect and reuse’ policy for rain water to be used as a source for the cooling tower and landscaping treatments throughout the property.


Coffee first

As a business motivation to support global ecosystems, EAST, Beijing serves up Jane Goodall Low-Carbon Organic Yunnan coffee; a brand dedicated to reducing chemicals and practices in harvesting the coffee bean. To take the process one step further, for each cup sold, a portion of proceeds goes toward the Jane Goodall Institute, as well as Roots and Shoots, an organization that promotes environmental sustainability.


Photography Credit: Caydie McCumber