EAST, Miami: This Brickell Hotel Flaunts Arts, Cuisine and Culture

As I stepped into the intimate, low-lit lobby of EAST, Miami I took in its patterned stone floors and elegantly chiseled walls. The attentive staff greeted me graciously as I made my way across the meticulously designed and balanced feng shui lobby. The attention to detail at this eco-conscious hotel was instantly obvious and I felt like I was entering the designer’s own home.


Design Elements

The walls of the elevator offered a gorgeous LCD display that was specifically made with the classic #elevatorselfie in mind. And in my room, it was clear that each piece of furniture, each lampshade, every wall piece had been selected with this design-detailed intention.

Nestled in the Brickell City Center, EAST is at the hub of it all. The rooms are each equipped with a balcony that overlooks Miami, Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. From my room I could also look down and see EAST’s own deck with its four fun geometrically shaped pools. However, there was almost no need to venture outdoors as the bathtubs share that same view through a floor to ceiling window. What better way to take it all in after a long day than from a warm bath? Well there is one better way–being spoiled with your bath products of course!


Bathroom Amenities

The vanity kit that EAST offers to each guest comes in a cotton bag, rather than plastic, with bath products from APPELLES, a cruelty-free, Australian luxury beauty brand. And, because attention to detail is their specialty, EAST has been recognized for its dedication to eco-friendly practices. Aside from their “eco switches” that turn every light off automatically, the AC also turned off the minute I opened the balcony door to take in the sweeping views.



Dining Options

I also learned that the hotel boasts two hotspot restaurants in Miami: Sugar and Quinto La Huella. Sugar is a rooftop restauranton the 40th floor, decorated with various trees and lush plants; I am told that it is one of the breakthrough spots on Miami’s nightlife radar. The drinks are phenomenal (I recommend the refreshing and fruity lychee martini) and everyone in your party can share the small Asian-fusion plates, like the tangy braised beef buns or the prawn and scallop dumplings. On a warm evening in Miami there is nowhere I’d rather bring a date or kick back with friends while looking out on the Miami skyline.

Quinto La Huella, EAST’s second restaurant, is also not to be missed. Quinto, which has an indoor dining section as well as outdoor garden seating by the pools, offers tasty wood fired dishes, as well as a sushi bar, and is a great place to grab lunch or a large meat-heavy dinner. One of the best moments from my stay at EAST turns out to be biting into the warm Volcán de Dulce de Leche, a mouthwatering cake from Quinto’s dessert menu.


The Neighborhood

EAST also makes it easy to get outside and explore. I recommend spending a few hours in Wynwood, Miami’s colorful arts district. Make sure to grab a cup of coffee from Panther, a local favorite (as well as EAST’s very own coffee provider). The Perez Art Museum is another must-do. The architecture of the building alone is enough to have the biggest art snob drooling, but make sure to save some time for the exhibitions as well. And if nightlife is what you’re after, you cannot miss the legendary El Tucan. This amazing Asian tapas-burlesque venue is just a five-minute cab ride from EAST’s front doors. The space is a perfected mixture of vintage French and Cuban décor.

My stay at EAST made it clear to me that larger hotels don’t have to feel disconnected from their community. EAST has created a stunning and luxurious place to call home while visiting Miami. Their dedication to bringing the Miami arts, cuisine and culture to their guests made me feel in touch with the local community and I left feeling refreshed, inspired and excited to come back for more.

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