Dare To Be Pampered at the Jamaica Inn’s Luxurious Ocean Spa

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, allocating time to unwind, relax and rejuvenate is more important than ever. Jamaica Inn recognizes this with their unique treatment menu at the resort’s spa. With wraps, masks, massages, facials and retreats, the intriguing offers are meant to pull you away from your hectic life so you can tune out the noise and tune into your senses.  

Here are five daring ways to be pampered at Jamaica Inn’s Ocean Spa, with an additional option to attend the spa’s wellness week to immerse you further into their wellness world.


Seaweed Body Mask

Highlights: Improves circulation, eliminates toxins

Along with the fun of being wrapped in seaweed like your favorite sushi roll, seaweed’s benefits are quintessential in your body’s restorative process. This mask stimulates your circulatory system, therefore, eliminates a buildup of toxins. It is a process of sensational application, followed by cozying up in a thermal blanket to further the mask’s effectiveness. Once the seaweed’s nutrients is absorbed by your skin, you’ll shower off to reveal immediately softer and smoother skin to be polished off with seaweed body cream, massaged in as the final step to the treatment.


Carib-Style Thai Massage

Highlights: Reduces stress, increases energy

While Thai massage is a popular offering, none are as effective as this fusion of Caribbean influence to the traditional Thai style. The benefits of this massage are a list we all try to achieve daily, with the use of pills, medicines, exercise classes and relaxation techniques, but wrapped up into one 80-minute treatment that is more effective than any of our lists combined. Starting at the top of the list and going down the roster; Reduce stress, improve blood flow, increase energy and flexibility. If you’re a standard massage goer, this would be the time to switch to something a little more unique, yet just as effective.


Couples Moonlight Massage

Highlights: Intimacy

Moonlight is one of the pristine imageries of seduction–add massage to the equation for the ideal experience of intimacy and rejuvenation. Grab your sweetheart and start the evening with an oceanview, private dinner. Let the evening unfold before you, without having to plan a step as the sun sets and you move onto sparkling wine amongst twinkling candles. Once darkness surrounds you, specialists will prepare you for your treatment under the moon and fuse your energies together, allowing you to experience a whole, new world together.



Pineapple Enzymatic Facial

Highlights: Reduces acne, fights free-radicals

When it comes to pampering, we tend to put the focus on our bodies, but the face is as important. Enjoy a fruity facial that’s natural enzymes replace harsh lotions or gels. The holistic treatment focuses on unclogging pores to prevent new pimples from forming, as well as reducing free-radical damage, and clearing dead cells from the skin’s surface. Post-treatment, you will be cleaner, clearer and glowing; allowing you to put your best face forward and think twice about adding facials to your regular treatments.


Blue Mountain Moments

Highlights: Softens skin, reduces cellulite

The name gives nothing away of the description of this treatment that follows a breakfast-like recipe. First you are scrubbed and wrapped in a mixture of oatmeal, ground blue mountain coffee and coconut milk, which nourishes the skin as it rids of toxins and dead cells. As you lay in your wrap, the blue mountain mixture also targets trouble areas of cellulite–ultimately reducing it so you can feel your best in the moment, and even better in the long-term.


Jamaica Inn Wellness Retreat

If regular pampering isn’t enough for you, and you require a longer period to escape reality, say hello to Jamaica Inn’s Wellness Retreat. The week-long retreat (September 18-24) is meant to relax your body, mind and soul with four activities per day under the fitness and wellness theme. The possibilities are endless with yoga, reggaelates, seminars, tours and private instruction to stimulate your mind away from screens, and engage your body’s natural movement. To top off a day of adventure, the spa has curated its treatments to reconnect your energies and end the day looking inward, accumulating to leave the week more aware of your body’s abilities and limits.