Music Festival Meets Philanthropy: Spotlight on Oceanic x Ibiza

This July, Oceanic Global brings an original music festival to Ibiza. But it’s not just any festival experience — this music festival is dedicated to raising awareness around ocean conservation and giving back to this ecosystem that so desperately needs our help.

Thus, the non-profit organization assembled a lineup of leading musicians, conservationists, speakers, artists, institutions and brands for a single-day festival as a call to action. Among the lineup of performers and speakers are headline names, including, DJ Solomun, Actor and Co-Founder of Lonely Whale, Adrian Grenier, and Oceana Board Member, Susan Rockefeller.

Oceanic x Ibiza is serious about being the first-ever festival to benefit a philanthropic cause, thus, as the festival’s organizer, Oceanic Global, are relaying their universal themes of art, music, and emerging technology as an authentic and creative approach to reinforce the significance of this event and the necessity of discussion around conservation.

“Ibiza has longstanding roots in sustainability and we hope that Oceanic x Ibiza will inspire both locals and visitors alike to take action towards restoring the health of our global oceans and the harmony of the local atmosphere,” says Co-Founder, Lea d’Auriol.


Swim for a Cause

Along with the day-long festival, Oceanic x Ibiza is creating further conversation around the cause by hosting an Ocean Awareness Swim to lead up to the main events and highlight the main cause of the collaboration. The swim is set to include one ambassador from each of the festival’s 10 NGO partners–Oceanic Global, Oceana, United Nations Clean Seas, Lonely Whale, Greenheart, Ibiza Preservation Fund, Get Gob, Beneath the Waves, Plastic Oceans, Alianza Mar Blava–in a friendly race from the main shores of Ibiza to the natural landmark, Es Vedra, and back. The event occurs on July 19, and will aid in fundraising for the individual organizations and create unity for the grand theme.


Art & Design Highlights:

In order to spark conversation from words to imagery, Oceanic x Ibiza is featuring artists with pieces that raise awareness to the largest issues threatening the oceans. Artwork from Alvaro Soler Arpa, Jorges P. Bruges, Soundwalk Collective, Roseline de Thelin and Marc Osmo will be displayed. Additionally, as a more sustainable way to tie in conservation and awareness, Oceanic Global partnered with local elementary schools to highlight oceanic education into their curriculum. This includes ways for children to get active in the island community with beach cleanups of plastics and other litter to form art installations from this recycled material. The Parsons School of Design has also stepped up to showcase fashion, designed from recycled plastics, creating an all inclusive designer program.


The 3-D Virtual Reality Experience

As a way to further engage the over 3000 attendees expected at the festival, Oceanic Global will arrange 10 experiences of augmented reality and 360 virtual reality stations throughout the event grounds. The displays will transport you to above and below sea level, with underwater photography, and demonstrations of the fragility of the ecosystems of the underwater world. The content will be originally curated by Oceanic Global’s scientific advisory board, ensuring an empathetic experience you haven’t witnessed before.

Advance tickets to attend Oceanic x Ibiza will be available on June 30th and can be purchased here.