Purposeful Packing: Save the Planet with these Environmentally Friendly Travel Essentials

Having a daily routine means relying on products that are top-tier quality. But, take that routine on the road and you switch to cheaper, more convenient options that aren’t always the best for you–and certainly aren’t ideal for the environment. From disposable toothbrushes to one-time face wipes, and of course, plastic water bottles, your traveling persona tends to create more waste than usual, all while disrupting your routine.

So why change your routine? When you’re packing for a trip, you should feel good about the products you’re taking in tow. That’s why we compiled a list of products that are light enough, easy enough and environmentally friendly in their design and in supporting charities. Pack your bag with these essentials and not only will the environment be thanking you, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by maintaining as similar as an at-home-routine as possible; hopefully making your travels all the more enjoyable.

1. Soma Water Bottles

Say goodbye to plastic bottles that aren’t doing your wallet or the environment any favors. Soma is a lightweight water bottle, created from BPA-free borosilicate glass, wrapped in a BPA-free silicone hand grip; offering protection and a flare of color to fit your personality. The bamboo cap offers additional style, as well as leak-proof protection and a strategic highlight of renewable resources.

Most travel hubs have water fountains to refill your bottle before boarding–making it easy to come with an empty bottle (airport security!) and fill up for your journey. So, by keeping a Soma bottle in your carry-on, you’re cutting down on wasting money and materials, but also, you’re directly making an impact on global water projects. For every Soma Bottle purchased, a donation is made to the company’s nonprofit partner. — Shop Now


2. LUMION Skincare

Using the wrong products could mean your products are more chemical than cosmetic. LUMION’s skincare line stemmed from this alarming news, after the founders learned that the average woman uses 168 chemicals in their daily cosmetic routines. So, LUMION developed a skincare regimen based off ingredients that are already in the human body–natural, clean, healthy ones that are meant to be there.

Along with improving your skincare regimen and cutting down chemicals in the body, LUMION also cuts down on chemicals flushed down the drain and gives back $1 to the Lonely Whale Foundation for every product purchased; a part of inspiring the next generation to be environmental leaders. Be a leader in your skincare routine and choose LUMION to stay hydrated and healthy throughout your travels. — Shop Now


3. Quip Toothbrushes

No more trading in electric for disposable. Regardless of where you are in the world, your oral hygiene should not have to suffer, and neither should the environment from your one-time use of a quick-fix, pharmacy brush. This subscription-based line provides you with a sleek and chic toothbrush to use at home and on the go, with an electric design that gives you the best brush every time.

No rechargeable base means no messy wires to pack, or store, and an automatic refill subscription means you’ll have new quip heads every three months, with new batteries, and fresh bristles. The built-in timer also adds the benefit of reducing water consumption, notifying you when to switch to the different oral regions, and a final notification that you’re done, so you can turn back on the tap and rinse. — Shop Now

4. Ogee Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths 

If you’re going to trade in face cleansers and moisturizers for convenient, packing-friendly wipes, make it Ogee’s face wipes. The biodegradable, vegetable cloth formula makes them compostable and their simple ingredients ensure you maintain a glowing complexion.

Ogee has a multitude of other products you can pack up, with their entire company embracing luxury beauty’s ability to rely on green and organic components. Their high standards result in customers receiving the highest quality products, at a convenience any traveler couldn’t resist. — Shop Now