Packing Essentials for A Memorial Day Beach Weekend from Dolce Vita, Marysia, Tara Zadeh & Thierry Lasry

It’s an unspoken rule that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer and a sneak peak of the vacation season we’ve been dying for all year. Having an extra day off is the only excuse beach lovers need to disappear for the weekend. With so much to do, in so little time, it might be hard to figure out how to pack lightly for this mini getaway.

If you’re in a hurry to ditch the real world and get on the road, there’s no time to sit and ponder what to pack. Necessities like sunblock and a pair of flip-flops that can bear the sand and salt are givens, but every fashionista knows the real struggles of preparing for vacation are hair and wardrobe qualms. Spend your time planning out your trip and let us take over the suitcase by checking out our packing must-haves for your upcoming Memorial Day beach weekend. Forget your responsibilities, but don’t forget these fashion essentials.



1. Marysia ‘Waikiki’ Dress

This breezy shift dress is the perfect staple for your weekend beach excursion. Its pastel coloring in either “Banana” or “Bright White,” plus its lace-up side detailing radiate that warm, sunshine-y feeling that we long for all winter. Wear it as a stylish cover-up over your swimsuit for a stroll down the shore, or dress it up for a dinner date on the boardwalk. Any way you style it, this little number will have you feeling like a princess in paradise–even if it’s only for the weekend. – Shop now


2. Tara Zadeh Azar Clutch Bag

With only a few days to cross as many seaside shops, restaurants, and cocktail bars off your list as you can, having a clutch that matches every look will come in handy. The Azar Clutch Bag by Tara Zadeh is the epitome of convenience and style wrapped up into one. This unique circular bag is the perfect size to fit your everyday vacation essentials into while leaving out the clunkiness of a tote. It comes in five classic colors that will compliment any warm weather wardrobe and has a convenient strap to free up your hands whenever necessary. – Shop now


3. Thierry Lasry ‘Wavvy’ Sunglasses

Throw some shade while still keeping that summer glow with the Wavvy sunglasses by Thierry Lasry. These sunnies combine a vintage cat-eye silhouette with sleek lines to put a modern twist on a classic movie star-esque look. The gray ombre lenses will keep you from squinting while adding a little mystery to any look you pair them with. On your weekend getaway, a go-to pair of sunglasses that match everything are a packing essential. Keep them handy at all times for UV protection with a stylish edge. – Shop now


4. Dolce Vita ‘Rilee’ heels

Just like the weather, mules are hot this season. Finding the perfect beach heels that can be dressed up, and still have a boho vibe, isn’t easy–but the ‘Rilee’ mule by Dolce Vita has come to the rescue. These kicks can shake up any look with a splash of boldness. Go for a neutral look with warm tones, or wear these heels as a statement piece to give a simple all white a pop of color. Not only are these mules adorable, but comfortable too: with a perfect heel height for endless seaside shopping and crisscrossing straps to offer support. – Shop now


5. Bumble and Bumble Big Beachy Hair Travel Set

Long hair, don’t care? Actually, we do care, but the Big Beachy Hair set from Bumble and Bumble will make your voluminous, sea-breezy waves look effortless. This set contains three must-have products that can act as your mini hair salon wherever your MDW travels take you. The Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry is a blowout without a blow dryer: once dried, this salt-infused foam provides ulifting grip for serious volume that will stay put, even with a strong ocean breeze. The Surf Foam Wash Shampoo will give your hair the clean it needs after a long day spent in salt and sand, while still leaving it full of body with a soft, beachy texture. Finally, the Surf Crème Rinse Conditioner will bless your hair with an airy, silky feel that is fit for a mermaid. – Shop now