Must-Have Resort Wear for Your Next Tropical Getaway

Packing for a tropical getaway always sounds simple enough. As you throw swimsuits and sunblock into your suitcase you swear you can already feel the sun warming your skin and that island breeze brushing across your face. But before you jet off to paradise, you must first prepare yourself for the tropical trip ahead–and that means packing the essentials without bringing your whole wardrobe.

Whether it’s your first trip to Hawaii or you’re returning to the Caribbean, you’ll require the right accessories to match your vibrant beach cover-ups. Stress less this trip and let us ease your packing woes with our list of must-have resort wear, from free-flowing pants and sundresses to bamboo bags and crochet sweaters.


Jaline Resort

There is always the assumption that one must sport a tropical, floral dress while visiting a beach paradise. In Jaline Resort’s case, this assumption becomes a must as their floral patterns simply steal the show.

Jaline Resort is an expressive fashion label that prides itself on rediscovering and celebrating vibrant artisan aesthetics with a sophisticated yet relaxed collection of beautifully crafted, ready-to-wear outfits. Each product is handmade with love, care and style in every stitch.

Jaline’s collection of custom, handmade products come in a variety of styles, from skirts and dresses to pants, robes and more. It wouldn’t be a tropical vacation without some attention-stealing florals. Also, because Jaline believes in quality over quantity, it can take three days to set up the warp on the loom and approximately one to two weeks to weave 30 yards of material. so if you are looking to grab one of these dresses for your trip, be sure to order plenty in advance. Shop now



Cult Gaia

Whilst choosing accessories for a trip it’s important to select pieces with a timeless look. Depending on your mood, or even the current weather of your desired tropical destination, your wardrobe will need some versatility. With the strategic selection of dynamic accessories like the  Ark purses from Cult Gaia to pair with your ever-changing outfits, you can eliminate any extra style stresses.

In a trendy “cage” of lightweight bamboo, this striking clutch is “airy, functional and surprisingly durable—in addition to being lovely to look at.” Offered in a range of sizes from small, medium and large, these uniquely crafted bamboo bags pair perfectly with any wildly eccentric pattern or match with a more neutral-toned look.

Pick your favorite Ark purse in a vast array of easy-to-match shades from chestnut and natural, to black and graphite. As Cult Gaia says it best, “It’s essential to curate a soulful wardrobe, full of timeless pieces.”  Shop now




Apiece Apart

If you don’t know it by now, less is always more–especially when it comes to travel. Apiece Apart invented clothing with this time-old simplicity in mind. Whether you fancy a fierce jumpsuit or a soft yet sophisticated blouse, Apiece Apart believes that when packing for a trip, “a wardrobe should be able to be packed into a single bag, to be mixed and matched, to go anywhere and do anything.” We couldn’t agree more.

Apiece Apart offers clothing that give its wearer the freedom to, “explore, transform, and dream” in whatever they desire. These timeless collections are for the sensuous, ever-evolving woman, pairing high fabric standards with tailoring to inspire confidence, movement, and ease.

Thinking of taking Apiece Apart with you on your next trip? We recommend at least one pair of breezy, wide-legged pants and a striped crochet sweater for those beautiful sunset strolls. Shop now

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