A Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For The World Traveler

What do you get the ‘world travelers’ on your list? The ones who are constantly in transit, going to and from an exotic beach to off-the-grid ski chalet. Would any gift bring them as much joy as the unseen sights, sounds and adventure they long for? Give them the gifts of ease and comfort — the items and things that help and encourage them to do what they love to do. From splurge-worthy gadgets to thoughtful necessities, fill their gift bags with wanderlust. Here are a few items every traveler would be thrilled to receive this holiday season.

1. Luggage

For HIM: VOCIER luggage revolutionizes travel for men with a zero-crease technology that keeps clothes and suits ready to wear. It has a strong and lightweight hardware construction that bends instead of folds, and contains a built-in protective sleeve that gently curves around the interior of the bag. Each piece of luggage complements one another for a quick airport security experience and provides easy access and clear visibility into the bag’s contents. Shop here for $595.00


For HER: First class luggage sets from the brand you’ve seen all over Instagram. Away’s suitcases are made from a lightweight and durable polycarbonate with spinner wheels and an interior compression system that maximizes the amount you can pack while keeping items organized and wrinkle-free. This direct-to-consumer brand (started by former Warby Parker executives) just opened it’s first location in NYC, so you can head in-store to grab last minute gifts, or shop online. Shop here for $450.00


2. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

An easy-to-use drone that allows travelers to take overhead photos and video, and capture moments from an angle not previously capable. The DJI Phantom 3 includes GPS tracking so you know exact take-off and landing positions, plus a return mechanism so the drone will come back with one click of a button. Elevate the traveler’s Instagram game with this high-tech gadget that they’re sure to use again and again. Shop here for $399.99


3. Prynt Instant Photo Printer

Prynt is a phone case that transforms your mobile device into a printer, essentially replacing the need for a polaroid camera altogether. This phone case will instantly print your images – just plug the phone into the case, take a photo and print for immediate gratification and keepssake mementos. Shop here for $129.99


4. GoPro HERO5 Bundle

Every traveler needs a GoPro, and if they don’t have one already then this is your chance to make their holiday with a special bundle package. These waterproof and shock-proof devices make photo and video recording easy, compatible and worryless. From snow to surf to trekking over mountainous terrain, the GoPro will withstand and capture every moment. The bundle also includes a 64GB SD card, a handler (short stick) and branded bag (with purchase of the HERO5 Black) for the ultimate GoPro gift. Shop here for $399.99


5. Packing Organizers

Those that travel often are typically packing pros to begin with, but specialized packing organizers will really help the process even further. These ultra-light packing cubes from eBags make organization and suitcase storage a cinch, so paying for overweight luggage will become a problem of the past. Shop here for $55.00


6. Taylor Headphones by Frends

Add a little bling to their travels with these comfortable and stylish sound-blocking headphones in a trendy rose gold. Users can tune out the airport crowd and tune into that wanderlust feeling with these carry-on essentials. Shop here for $200.00



7. Leather Passport Case

Passports need tender, loving care when they’re being used again and again, which makes a soft leather passport case the most thoughtful gift. Cuyana creates gorgeous, slim passport cases that are perfect for the minimalist with its lightweight construction and small size. You can also have the case personalized with their name or initials for an extra $10. Shop here for $75.00


8. Pocket WiFi Hotspot

WiFi on the go is not easy to come by, especially when traveling internationally and outside of most carrier’s reach. This pocket-sized hotspot changes all of that by providing a seamless wireless data connection whenever needed and wherever they go. Shop now for $59.99


9. Eyefi Memory Card

The Eyefi Mobi Pro is a memory card with built-in WiFi that connects a camera to a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Just pop it into the camera like a regular memory card, then install the mobile app to instantly transfer RAW and JPEG images to your device. You can even choose which images to specifically transfer, so travelers will instantly have access to all their best hi-res photos. Available in 16GB and 32GB. Shop here for $35.00


10. 4-in-1 Universal Adapter

The Flight 001 4-in-1 adapter follows a simple map so you know which plug you need to pack for which destination – up to 150 of them. The color-coded world adapter system makes finding the right plug for the trip as simple as matching colors. Consider this the “best international travel adapter for the world traveler who’s still a kid at heart.” Shop here for $25.00


11. Carry-on Cocktail Kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit includes everything needed to mix up two delicious cocktails at 30,000 feet above ground. Whether in the mood for a proper Old Fashioned, the perfect Gin & Tonic or a spicy Moscow Mule, the Carry On Cocktail Kit is the ultimate traveler’s companion and just the right amount to take the edge off. Shop now for $24.00


12. Serenflipity Card Game

A set of cards that makes it fun to get out of your comfort zone. From new romances to serendipitous situations with strangers, the flip of a card can turn an ordinary day into something truly unique. These 30 cards (with themes of “spark,” “connect” and “explore”) encourage travelers to engage with the world and connect in unexpected and exciting ways  — from asking a rockstar for a mantra, to uncovering the secret to love or simply making a stranger’s day. See for yourself. Shop here for $10.00


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