Sharleen Ernster on The Birth of Hot-As-Hell

Are you ready to be Hot-As-Hell? The body positive California-based lingerie brand is one to watch in 2016. Founded in 2014 by Sharleen Ernster, the brand prides itself on quality products made using conscientious processes. From lace bras to cheetah print body suits, trend setting and versatility is what continuously inspires Ernster to create new designs. Hot-As-Hell has been seen on ‘it-girl’ models Natasha Oakley, Devin Brugmanto and Cailin Russo, who was featured in the brand’s debut campaign. For their second year anniversary HAH debuted their 2017 collection at Miami Swim Week starring Caroline Vreeland, Sam Blacky, Natalie Boras and more!

Photographer Jorden Keith captures models Isabella Farrell and Stephanie Yonkovich wearing HAH attire around New York City in an exclusive editorial below the break.


HAH seems to be a body positive brand, what would be your best advice for women who are not comfortable with their bodies? 

The things that you are not comfortable with tend to be the very things that make you uniquely beautiful… ‘Perfection’ does not equal ‘beauty;’ what’s really beautiful is how you become who you are, how you learn to live with, and love, what made you uncomfortable. It’s HAH to be yourself, to set an example to yourself, the world, and the next generation of women. And all those negative perceptions of your body are limiting your potential.

Women want to feel sensual when wearing lingerie, what motivates and inspires the HAH brand?

Simplicity, comfort, ease, longevity… this is what inspires HAH everyday. The idea that we can deliver product that is always sexy and sensual, but also easy to care for, easy to wear and fit into, and that lasts a long time… It’s HAH to be simple and easy… Sexy should be fluid and simple for your everyday life; sensual is being able to live in your lingerie and swimwear all the time. And above all, it should be conscientiously made and easy on the environment too.


Describe HAH in three words?

Authentic, Timeless, Conscientious

What makes HAH different from other competitors?

HAH is the only sexy brand of intimate womenswear that offers superior, quality products made using conscientious processes (sustainable, eco friendly fabrics and techniques). Our product is easy to wear and easy to care for, natural (no padding, hardware or embellishments) and attainable. We are simplifying sexy – simple to buy, wear, take care of, pack, and live your life in… everywhere, everyday.


How do you most connect with your consumers and people who love the HAH brand? 

For HAH the best connections HAHppen when our customers interact with the product. Once a woman puts on HAH, she just gets it. We also connect strongly through our imagery on all platforms.

What are the top key requirements for starting a successful lingerie brand?

Fit & quality – these are a non-negotiable. Plus it’s important to know your market… you can’t be all things to everybody – pick a niche, be great at something, and don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s easy to get distracted and/or do tons of things that, in total, don’t mean anything.  Be the best at your core… the rest will come.


What has been the brand’s biggest accomplishment to date?

Just being alive for 11 months. We came, we conquered, we shipped, we_are_hah…

How important is customer feedback?

This is everything – there’s nothing more important than customer feedback!  HAH wouldn’t exist without our customers purchasing again and again and spreading the word.


Get a sneak peak of Hot-As-Hell’s latest 2017 Collection at SwimMiami below!

Meet Mieux Derma A Beauty Line Infused With Herbal Medicine

Having trouble getting clear skin? With over thirteen different skin moisturizers and face cleansing products this Australian beauty brand Mieux Derma not only provides you with a fresh face, but natural essentials to give you the healthy skin you desire. Using the finest quality in natural oils that caters to all skin concerns from dry skin to acne concerns this beauty brand definitely is one to watch! We caught up with the founder of the line, Shuaike Zhang to learn more about the emerging luxury line below.

Mieux Derma prides themselves for being an environment friendly beauty skin care brand, what separates you from other skin care brands who claim to be organic and refreshing?

At Mieux Derma we don’t claim to be organic, but we do pride our selves on using of the finest quality Australian plant based oils and Chinese medicinal herbology techinques to produce naturally derived active skin care products that are truly unique in texture and scent. Most importantly the products functions on all skin concerns.


What kind of clientele would you say Mieux Derma gears towards and why?

I would say that Mieux Derma is geared towards someone who takes care of herself – not for the praise but for her own self appreciation. The Mieux Derma philosophy is informed by an appreciation for the expansive and ever-evolving Australian landscape. It is the finely crushed sand that litters the plains of Western Australia; the Albatross Colonies that bask in the Bass Strait; and the Silent Lakes of Tropical Queensland, that inform the Mieux Derma manifesto of marrying science and nature to produce an environmentally responsible skincare range.

For someone who has never experimented with organic oils and natural beauty products before, what would be your best advice to them?

I would highly recommend that you try it, even if its just for the experience. A good quality product that includes naturally derived ingredients and essential oils will change the way you perceive skin care. For people who have never experimented with nature beauty, at first you might find it some what different especially on application where you’ll usually only need to apply a very small amount compared to your ordinary beauty products because of the essential oils with in the natural products. A few applications later, you’ll start to get used to the scent of all the essential oils and start noticing during the day the natural oils can actually help control your skin from being oily as your skin is getting a dose of healthy oils as a replacement. I think you’ll really only get to notice the benefits of a good quality natural product is when you have run out and went back onto your ordinary products. The appreciation usually starts then.

What inspired the creation of Mieux Derma?

The love between to human beings. The rest is just hard work and great responsibility.

What are your top 5 beauty tips for someone trying to improve their skincare routine?

The 5 beauty tips below are experiences from using our own products, but not limited to only use Mieux Derma products. Twice a week when you are wanting to deep cleanse, use the Grain & Grit, cleansing exfoliant to get rid of the surface dirt build up, at the same time the crushed limestone will help to open up pores, then follow by any of our gel cleansers to thoroughly cleanse. This technique will also help prevent skin drying especially for very sensitive skin.

After your daily cleansing step, use the Albatross Fog let it absorb then apply your favorite moisturizer or serum. Then use the toner again just before your make – up this will help to lock in the moisture from the moisturizer or serum, at the same time it makes your skin oil free which helps with your make – up application. After you daily cleanse, try using our Replenish & Revive, sensational centella gel before the toner, as the centella is a natural ingredient that regenerates skin cells to condition your skin for a youthful appearance. This is best applied straight after cleansing so the active ingredients can be probably absorbed. As natural products are packed with essential oils, (i.e Timbre & Tone consists of 28 essential oils) when using them make sure on each application to remember less is more.

Skin is our largest organ, therefore drink plenty of water, snack on nuts and fruit, eat plenty of greens and your skin will be glowing. Essentially natural products are there to give skin its nutrients, a bit like multivitamins for the skin.

So far what has been the best selling product sold from your line?

Grain & Grit, the cleansing exfoliant, Wandering Dusk, our hydrating syrup and Albatross Fog, the herbal toner.


Learn more at

Editorial: “Eastward” by Justice Apple

This story appears in “Global Generation” Volume 01

View a glimpse of Electrify Mag‘s latest fashion editorial, “Eastward” photographed by Justice Apple featuring Cat Decome and Masha Gutic showcased in Volume 01.


 Talent: Cat Decome (Marilyn Models)
Masha Gutic (Supreme Management)
Photographer: Justice Apple
Producer: Tarayn Sanders
Wardrobe Stylist: Emma Sousa
Stylist Assistant: Alli Wayne
Makeup Artist: Sammy Jo
Hair Stylist: Levi Monarch

Catch A Wave with Mollusk Surf Shop

California brand, Mollusk Surf Shop, invokes a sense of slow living with the most natural of Pacific Coast comforts in their Spring 2016 lookbook. Shot by Santa Barbara native, Will Adler, this season presents us a seamless moment in time where sun, sand and surf come together in one dreamy daytime escape. The Spring collection offers an option for each phase of the ocean’s daily tide. Arrive beachside in blended hemp and organic cotton t-shirts, let balmy breezes caress you in linen cover-ups, and as magic hour sets in painting hues of pink and purple across the sky, wrap yourself up in their Peruvian sweater. It’s an effortless collection boasting what Mollusk does so well, fun beachy patterns with a relaxed sun soaked vibe.

As a brand, Mollusk Surf Shop facilitates a culture with the same characteristics its clothing evokes by connecting artists within the surf community. From inviting local musicians to play in their Silverlake shop, to group photography shows in their San Francisco location, the brand continues to offer emerging creatives a platform to exhibit their art and talent, expertly merging art and culture together. Mollusk also offers the opportunity to purchase select prints through their online gallery – most recently from Alex Swanson and Ryan Tatar, among many other up and coming film photographers.

Be sure to stop by a storefront location for a taste of the easy living surf lifestyle Mollusk embodies. If you aren’t a resident of sunny LA, you can cruise through their online store to shop their latest collection. Before you hit purchase, sign up for their newsletter for that wallet-friendly 15% discount currently offered to new members.






Behind The Scenes with Eleanor Langston of Paintbox Manicures

Located in SoHo New York, the critically acclaimed nail studio Paintbox has caught the attention of many notable stars and bloggers. After a decade in the fashion and beauty industry as an editor, founder Eleanor Langston ventured out and created her own business. Paintbox has been featured in top tier magazines gaining the likes of Cosmopolitan, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. With over 50k in Instagram followers Paint-box continues to grow their fan base and clientele with high quality content. From it girls like Dakota Fanning to Style Bubbles own Susanne Lau, their modern yet sophisticated aesthetic appeals to just about anyone. With over 20 nail art designs inspired by runway trends Paintbox has opened the door of creativity and making there mark in the beauty industry. We caught up with Susanne to learn more about the blossoming brand below:

After years in the beauty and fashion industry what inspired you to venture out and start your own business?

After more than a decade in beauty and editorial, I was inspired to venture out and start my own business because I’m passionate about helping women navigate nail trends. My job as an editor was to take runway and celebrity trends in hair, makeup, hair, skin, nails, and fragrance and make them approachable and easy to follow for my readers. We’re doing the same thing at Paintbox–making nail art fashion-forward but not intimidating through our look-book and lack of polish wall.

Since starting Paintbox, the brand’s social media accounts have grown rapidly, and you just recently hit over 50k on your Instagram– how do you best interact with your clients/ future clients?

We’re very proud of our consistent, modern, and sophisticated aesthetic that we weave through our website and all social media. Paintbox’s imagery has many sides to the brand–glam, modern/graphic, feminine, and classic, and we try to appeal to all sides of our incredibly stylish and savvy clients. They’re inspiring us constantly–whether it’s with interesting color combinations or head-turning accessories and rings. We take pride in our top-notch photography.

What separates Paintbox from other competitors?

At Paintbox, we have a curated menu of about 20 nail designs that mirror the fashion seasons–Fall/Winter + Spring/Summer. We also have interesting capsule collections for holiday, summer, and resort (for the first time this year!). Our pricing is very easy to follow (all nail art designs are the same), and we specialize in manicures only. We have a curated selection of vetted polishes (no polish wall here!), and our artists are trustworthy tastemakers in the industry, helping guide you through the process and leave with a look you love. We also have a major celebrity and social media following from clients like Hailee Steinfield, Dakota Fanning, Emma Roberts, Susie Lau (Style Bubble), Emily Weiss (ITG), Eva Chen, and Blair Eadie (Atlantic Pacific)–to name a few.

What has been your biggest challenges and accomplishments since starting your own company?

Our biggest challenge is shooting our level of imagery at an ambitious fast pace with a lean team. We’re all hands on deck, and we shoot incredible amounts of content in a short time frame with a tight budget. Our biggest accomplishments are working with incredible brands like Nike, Glossier, Aether, Lyst, Maiyet, etc on important collaborations and growing a team of top-notch manicurists that inspire me daily. Also, positive client feedback is always so rewarding and flattering!

What are some of your favorite nail designs thus far?

My top three of all time would be: In Great Shape (graphic shapes with negative space), Shade Shifter (classic red ombre), and Heat Index (oil slick foil atop a neutral color).

How would you describe Paintbox in three words to someone who wasn’t familiar with your brand?

Modern, curated, high-design.

Do you plan on expanding in the near future?

We want to be very strategic about our growth and aim to place as few and as meaningful of bets as possible.

Lookbook Lust: BB Dakota Spring ’16

Spring into spring with contemporary Los Angeles-based brand, BB Dakota! The latest lookbook featuring NEXT model, Laura Julie is photographed by femme fatale, Zoey Grossman. This collection reflects a subtle departure from the status quo with a soft neutral palette, and pieces that inspire movement because they move with you so gracefully. It’s for the girl who likes to put a little something extra in her afternoon tea, a girl whose chic sensibility comes with a side of quirk. In the collection is a white linen suit — while the cut is masculine, the fabrication is gauzy, light and slightly sheer, giving it a feminine softness. This season is full of striking sillhouettes in delicate fabrications and timeless yet memorable pieces such as the white Mary high-waisted pant, Pearl faux suede fringe skirt and the Bronson plaid blazer coat. Learn more at










SHOT_02_109 (1)

Find The Perfect Swimsuit

Spending your holiday below the equator soaking up the tropical heat? Wherever you’re heading, your favorite bikini will be a notable first on your packing list. We’ve recently discovered San Lorenzo Bikinis, a thriving swimwear label whose mission is to embrace the natural, effortless beauty of the human form. Bringing the hottest South American bikini styles to beaches all around the world, the brand knows how to make women look and feel great in their collection, as their list of retailers continues to grow around the world

To celebrate the recent opening of their newest store at The Point Shopping Mall in Los Angeles, we took a moment to speak with founder and design expert Lisseth Figureroa to hear her advice on how to style each and every body shape below.


What advice would you give when it comes to finding the perfect cut and fit for your body?

Lisseth Figureroa: Don’t over think it! While it’s always great to know what cuts and styles are most flattering for your body type, it’s also important to remember at the end of the day that it’s about what you feel most comfortable and yourself in.

How would you style a curvaceous body vs. a smaller frame?

Lisseth Figureroa: For a more full – figured body, you can have fun with monokinis (ones with ruching towards the stomach are especially flattering), high – waisted bottoms and full underwire tops. For a smaller frame it’s key not to overdue it with the cut and fabric, it can overwhelm such a small frame. String bottoms, bandeau tops and halters are always a great look.

How do you flatter a bigger bust vs. a smaller bust?

Lisseth Figureroa: For a fuller bust, underwire tops, full – coverage triangles and v neck monokinis are a great way to go. Whereas with a smaller bust, bandeaus, crop tops and string triangles look really stunning.


What cut would you suggest for a larger stomach?

Lisseth Figureroa: Going with a monokini with rouching towards the stomach is very flattering. Also the high waisted bottoms that have been really in these past few seasons are a great way to show some skin, while also keeping your stomach nicely covered.

How can shorter girls make their bodies look longer in a swimsuit?

Lisseth Figureroa: String bottoms are really flattering for shorter girls. They don’t cut you off and help make your body look like one long line. High cut monokinis are also great for short girls. They make your legs look longer, which in turn makes you look taller as a whole.


What styles will lengthen a shorter torso and shorten a longer torso?

Lisseth Figureroa: For a short torso, triangle tops and string bottoms are your best friend to make it appear longer. For a long torso, boy shorts, bandeaus and crops can really shorten the appearance of your torso.

What cut is most flattering for ladies with a larger bottom half?

Lisseth Figureroa: The hipster bottom and high – waist bottom can be really flattering for someone with a curvier or fuller butt.



How can ladies with broader shoulders make their upper half look slimmer?

Lisseth Figureroa: For broad shoulders, bandeaus and tank- style bikinis are great, they really narrow their appearance and draw attention to other areas of the body. Halters tend to draw attention to the shoulders and add width, which is generally not what you want.

What is your favorite style this winter for an island getaway?

Lisseth Figureroa: [San Lorenzo’s] V Knot and Mini V Knot, which will be styles in our upcoming Mind Bali Soul collection, are perfect for a sneaky island getaway. They are very sexy, yet still fully functioning for those who love a little water adventure. The worst is when you have a stunning bikini that lacks functionality!

Catch A Wave With Mollusk

“Beach bums unite.”

From the shores of California, Mollusk Surf Shop brings us their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2015 inspired by a road trip down the Pacific coastline. From comfy sweatshirts to water repellent jackets, the winter line will suit the most practical of needs while maintaining a stylish sensibility. Captured by 30-year-old West coast photographer Will Adler, his light infused images combined with the relaxed nature of the Mollusk brand convey the spirit and atmosphere of the culture that surrounds the contemporary surf community.

Established in 2005, Mollusk serves as an outlet for emerging creatives by providing a platform for shapers, artists, and filmmakers alike to showcase their work. Consistently offering high quality goods from their close-knit family, Mollusk has now become a staple of those who champion the surf lifestyle. From Kanoa Zimmerman to Alex Kopps, there are a number of established and up-and-coming artists that Mollusk supports through their online gallery. If you’re in San Francisco, Venice Beach, or Silver Lake, be sure to check out one of their store front locations. For those of you near the Bay Area, visit the San Francisco shop to see Nathaniel Russell’s artwork on display; there are signed and numbered posters also available online for purchase!

Mollusk is currently offering a number of holiday specials including  20% off all Patagonia wetsuits, free domestic ground shipping up through December 16th for web orders, 15% off to new folks that sign up for their newsletter and if you’re placing an order in-store or online for kids, you will receive a complimentary Mollusk Van Box. Shop now at











‘Natural Disposition’

“A whisper of the changing season blows across my skin. The nights are growing longer now but with time and distance I have learned that friendships as real as these come as a second nature.”

When I was young I thought we’d never separate. As a child, you build friendships as if you are all one body; sharing breath, laughter and tears. When we first moved away to school I felt as if I had left a part of myself behind me, forgotten. I felt the nagging urge to buy the next train ticket to retrieve my missing pieces. We were all scattered with the wind, but the sun would always bring us back together. Flashes of the days and nights spent wild and carefree together over long hot summers reunited fill me. A whisper of the changing season blows across my skin. The nights are growing longer now but with time and distance I have learned that friendships as real as these come as a second nature. They are easy and light, fast to catch up to the very moment you are back together, laughing as if not a day has passed between you.Photographed by Asha Efia with models Deonna, Drielle & Moran of ONE.1, this editorial showcases the sweet and natural comfort of having your close friends around you.

Photographer: Asha Efia
Models: Deonna, Drielle & Moran (ONE.1)
Stylist: Melissa Infante (Wilhelmina)
Makeup: Dana Arcidy
Hairstylist: Brian Smith
Words: Annisha Lashand


“Each season, Cocurata collaborates with artists such as Trudy Benson, Bäst and Matt Jones to create limited edition items that consumers can collect.”

Art curates fashion. The fine line between the fashion and art world has been blurred for centuries now with the industries regularly crossing paths. Up-and-coming fashion label– Cocurata– brings a contemporary spin to this concept by creating pieces that don’t just imitate art, but are art. Founded by New York based art curator George Benias and Ksubi founder George Gorrow, Cocurata is an art platform and fashion label designed to bring together the industries of art and fashion, giving both upcoming and breakthrough artists the opportunity to showcase their work outside of the standard gallery scene. Each season, the brand collaborates with established and emerging artists to create limited edition items that consumers can collect.

With the new Spring/Summer 2016 collection on the horizon featuring artists Brian Willmont, Josh Reames and Michael Dotson, we took time out to sit down with one half of the remarkable duo, George Benias, to talk about how the brand got started, what makes it so unique and what we can expect in the future.


Tell us a little bit about Cocurata and how the brand came to life.

George Benias: Cocurata came about when I met George Gorrow through a mutual friend who happened to collect artwork by Bäst and Paul Insect and was eager to meet the artists. In our first encounter, he mentioned how he founded Ksubi, which I was a fan of. As the conversation deepened, I expressed my underlying love for fashion, my heavy influence from the downtown Brooklyn culture and my passion for functional, classic pieces that I could wear every day. l told George it would be great to make a contemporary fashion brand which functioned like a gallery for fashion, solely doing art and fashion collaborations and curating the collections in the same way as a gallery would curate a group or solo show. We started talking about the idea of representing artists that we would eventually use in multiple seasons; building a roster of artists that we could work with time and again. After letting that idea set in for a few days, I got a call from George and he said “let’s do this…”

You both come from the opposite end of the art and fashion industries — what is it like working together and viewing your industry from its respective outlook?

George Benias: I feel we never had that divide. We both kind of shared the same love, which lent itself to a smooth collaboration.

What do you think Cocurata does differently that allows the concept of ‘art curating fashion’ to stand out within the fashion industry?


George Benias: I think our approach is the opposite of how many fashion brands treat collaborations. Generally a well established brand would contact an artist in order to enhance their clothing brand. A bit selfish in a way. However, we try to give it equal love, if anything focusing on the art first and then incorporating the design as a way of fitting into it.

For each collection Cocurata collaborates with a number of artists to create limited and unique pieces of clothing. What channels do you use to discover the talent? Do you have a certain criteria in scouting for artists to join forces with?

George Benias: Cocurata represents both mine and George Gorrow’s taste in art. I am an art dealer, an art collector, and constantly researching art. I would say I enjoy engaging with mid-career artists and emerging younger artists. This season we went with an abstract aesthetic which shifts towards figurative. Next season we will do a figurative painting collection, so the decision as to who we curate for each collection basically goes to what I would show if this were an actual gallery.

In your upcoming SS16 collection, Cocurata is collaborating with artists Brian Willmont, Josh Reames and Michael Dotson. How did you come across these artists and what inspires you about their work?

George Benias: They are all in the same boat in my opinion. They are contemporaries. They share a similar aesthetic, but are also very different in their own way. Everyone should make sure to buy a painting of theirs while these guys are still young.

What can we expect from the new collection and the on-going future of Cocurata?

George Benias: Cocurata, as mentioned earlier, will remain working with many of the artists we have already worked with. We intend to always be progressive, as well as fulfil requests from our artists. Bäst – who is one of my best friends (as well as a major influence for Cocurata) has a passion for eyewear, so perhaps that’s also something to look forward to. I too, have a passion for fragrances; so a thought would be to team up with perfumers like personal favourite “Andy Tauer” to interpret the artwork of our collection. The possibilities and ideas are endless.