Behind The Scenes with Eleanor Langston of Paintbox Manicures

Located in SoHo New York, the critically acclaimed nail studio Paintbox has caught the attention of many notable stars and bloggers. After a decade in the fashion and beauty industry as an editor, founder Eleanor Langston ventured out and created her own business. Paintbox has been featured in top tier magazines gaining the likes of Cosmopolitan, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. With over 50k in Instagram followers Paint-box continues to grow their fan base and clientele with high quality content. From it girls like Dakota Fanning to Style Bubbles own Susanne Lau, their modern yet sophisticated aesthetic appeals to just about anyone. With over 20 nail art designs inspired by runway trends Paintbox has opened the door of creativity and making there mark in the beauty industry. We caught up with Susanne to learn more about the blossoming brand below:

After years in the beauty and fashion industry what inspired you to venture out and start your own business?

After more than a decade in beauty and editorial, I was inspired to venture out and start my own business because I’m passionate about helping women navigate nail trends. My job as an editor was to take runway and celebrity trends in hair, makeup, hair, skin, nails, and fragrance and make them approachable and easy to follow for my readers. We’re doing the same thing at Paintbox–making nail art fashion-forward but not intimidating through our look-book and lack of polish wall.

Since starting Paintbox, the brand’s social media accounts have grown rapidly, and you just recently hit over 50k on your Instagram– how do you best interact with your clients/ future clients?

We’re very proud of our consistent, modern, and sophisticated aesthetic that we weave through our website and all social media. Paintbox’s imagery has many sides to the brand–glam, modern/graphic, feminine, and classic, and we try to appeal to all sides of our incredibly stylish and savvy clients. They’re inspiring us constantly–whether it’s with interesting color combinations or head-turning accessories and rings. We take pride in our top-notch photography.

What separates Paintbox from other competitors?

At Paintbox, we have a curated menu of about 20 nail designs that mirror the fashion seasons–Fall/Winter + Spring/Summer. We also have interesting capsule collections for holiday, summer, and resort (for the first time this year!). Our pricing is very easy to follow (all nail art designs are the same), and we specialize in manicures only. We have a curated selection of vetted polishes (no polish wall here!), and our artists are trustworthy tastemakers in the industry, helping guide you through the process and leave with a look you love. We also have a major celebrity and social media following from clients like Hailee Steinfield, Dakota Fanning, Emma Roberts, Susie Lau (Style Bubble), Emily Weiss (ITG), Eva Chen, and Blair Eadie (Atlantic Pacific)–to name a few.

What has been your biggest challenges and accomplishments since starting your own company?

Our biggest challenge is shooting our level of imagery at an ambitious fast pace with a lean team. We’re all hands on deck, and we shoot incredible amounts of content in a short time frame with a tight budget. Our biggest accomplishments are working with incredible brands like Nike, Glossier, Aether, Lyst, Maiyet, etc on important collaborations and growing a team of top-notch manicurists that inspire me daily. Also, positive client feedback is always so rewarding and flattering!

What are some of your favorite nail designs thus far?

My top three of all time would be: In Great Shape (graphic shapes with negative space), Shade Shifter (classic red ombre), and Heat Index (oil slick foil atop a neutral color).

How would you describe Paintbox in three words to someone who wasn’t familiar with your brand?

Modern, curated, high-design.

Do you plan on expanding in the near future?

We want to be very strategic about our growth and aim to place as few and as meaningful of bets as possible.

Catch A Wave With Mollusk

“Beach bums unite.”

From the shores of California, Mollusk Surf Shop brings us their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2015 inspired by a road trip down the Pacific coastline. From comfy sweatshirts to water repellent jackets, the winter line will suit the most practical of needs while maintaining a stylish sensibility. Captured by 30-year-old West coast photographer Will Adler, his light infused images combined with the relaxed nature of the Mollusk brand convey the spirit and atmosphere of the culture that surrounds the contemporary surf community.

Established in 2005, Mollusk serves as an outlet for emerging creatives by providing a platform for shapers, artists, and filmmakers alike to showcase their work. Consistently offering high quality goods from their close-knit family, Mollusk has now become a staple of those who champion the surf lifestyle. From Kanoa Zimmerman to Alex Kopps, there are a number of established and up-and-coming artists that Mollusk supports through their online gallery. If you’re in San Francisco, Venice Beach, or Silver Lake, be sure to check out one of their store front locations. For those of you near the Bay Area, visit the San Francisco shop to see Nathaniel Russell’s artwork on display; there are signed and numbered posters also available online for purchase!

Mollusk is currently offering a number of holiday specials including  20% off all Patagonia wetsuits, free domestic ground shipping up through December 16th for web orders, 15% off to new folks that sign up for their newsletter and if you’re placing an order in-store or online for kids, you will receive a complimentary Mollusk Van Box. Shop now at











‘Natural Disposition’

“A whisper of the changing season blows across my skin. The nights are growing longer now but with time and distance I have learned that friendships as real as these come as a second nature.”

When I was young I thought we’d never separate. As a child, you build friendships as if you are all one body; sharing breath, laughter and tears. When we first moved away to school I felt as if I had left a part of myself behind me, forgotten. I felt the nagging urge to buy the next train ticket to retrieve my missing pieces. We were all scattered with the wind, but the sun would always bring us back together. Flashes of the days and nights spent wild and carefree together over long hot summers reunited fill me. A whisper of the changing season blows across my skin. The nights are growing longer now but with time and distance I have learned that friendships as real as these come as a second nature. They are easy and light, fast to catch up to the very moment you are back together, laughing as if not a day has passed between you.Photographed by Asha Efia with models Deonna, Drielle & Moran of ONE.1, this editorial showcases the sweet and natural comfort of having your close friends around you.

Photographer: Asha Efia
Models: Deonna, Drielle & Moran (ONE.1)
Stylist: Melissa Infante (Wilhelmina)
Makeup: Dana Arcidy
Hairstylist: Brian Smith
Words: Annisha Lashand


“Each season, Cocurata collaborates with artists such as Trudy Benson, Bäst and Matt Jones to create limited edition items that consumers can collect.”

Art curates fashion. The fine line between the fashion and art world has been blurred for centuries now with the industries regularly crossing paths.

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‘Out Of Order’

“Mundanity will be the death of me. It seeps like a venom into my veins, slowing my heart beat and numbing my senses. I’m tired of the context, the excuses and the waiting. In a world of habitual repetitive acts, I dare you to put things out of order. Cast a light onto the murky shadows. Cross the line and say what you know they’re all thinking. It is a rebellious act to honor yourself in a world that profits from your self-doubt. Sharpen your dull tongue and exercise your vision for truth. Dream fast and live honestly.”

Facing the glare of everyday living, model Lucie Von Alten of Marilyn brings a striking truth to this editorial shot by Russian photographer, Emmie America. Styled by Soukena Jean-Jaques, this series will wake you up and shake your daily routine.

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Editorial: ‘Desert 24’ by Neil Aline

We bring you our latest editorial captured on 35mm film by New York-based photographer Neil Aline featuring Oh La. Neil has a uniquely playful aesthetic that ranges from documenting nightlife debauchery to moments in time throughout his travels. This story is a collection of intimate interactions on a journey through California that make us remember the beauty of spontaneity.

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