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On The Horizon with Anton Repponen

When Anton Repponen woke up in the back seat of his 4x4 off-road Toyota, it was still dark outside. He wasn’t quite sure where he was — somewhere within the Brazilian state of Ceará, surely - perhaps a few dozen kilometers outside of Fortaleza, perhaps a bit more. He was just over 19 hours into

Death Valley in Bloom

The Super Bloom is a rare opportunity to capture the momentary colors of life in an otherwise vacant desert.  For the first time since 2005, dormant seeds have now come alive sprouting through the dry ground in Death Valley due to massive amounts of rainfall from El Niño. Known for the hottest temperatures on Earth and an uninviting

Nepal: The Roof of the World

From a very young age I felt drawn to Nepal. I remember learning about the majestic Mt. Everest in grade school and hearing it referred to as “the roof of the world.” In my early twenties I was captivated by the rich descriptions laid out in John Krakauer’s book “Into Thin Air”, where he describes

The Grit of Myanmar

It needs to be somewhere challenging. Somewhere that’s going to test my comfort level and require me to get a little dirty. After all, without a little grit, you’re not trying as hard. You’re not learning as much. You’re not fully activated. We really didn’t know much about Myanmar before my wife and I flew

The Norwegian Terrain

In the backseat you can find out who you are and decide what you should do." This may be true, although I like to start any road trip as a third wheel with much less pressure to become rather than be. My friend and her boyfriend of one year, a holiday that was an ode