Behind The Scenes with Ashley Smith on Cerro Negro

Spotlighting the alluring ‘off-the-beaten-path’ nature of Nicaragua, Electrify Mag chose Cerro Negro volcano at a 2,388 foot elevation and the sustainable luxe Jicaro Ecolodge located at Lake Nicaragua as a backdrop for the “Global Generation” cover story featuring Ashley Smith photographed by Electrify Mag’s Creative Director, Christopher DeMairo. Read on for the full story as

The Best of Nicaragua

Taking into account the number of exotic destinations scattered across Central America, if you ever get the opportunity to go to Nicaragua, you should take it. You may have most recently heard the exciting news about the Momotombo volcano erupting for the first time in 100 years or perhaps you have seen the volcano sledding videos

Finding Inspiration At Maderas Village in Nicaragua

I was in the middle of a song-writing session in Bushwick (Brooklyn) when my longtime friend and founder of Electrify Mag, Amanda Ho texted me to see if I wanted to join her on an editorial expedition to Nicaragua. For the sole purpose of having never been to Nicaragua, I said yes. A few weeks