Discover Your Natural Beauty with Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley, the first-born daughter of singers Bob and Rita Marley, created cannabis lifestyle and beauty brand, Marley Natural, as a way of sharing the holistic remedies of her upbringing. Made with Jamaican-sourced botanicals and cannabis oil, Marley Natural is a one-of-a-kind brand with a positive approach to beauty. Cedella herself is involved in many

Sarsaparilla Club: East Meets West in Miami

Since its birth, the United States has remained a proud melting pot of influences from all corners of the world. Despite the nation’s cultural differences and vast ancestral influences, one tradition remains highly celebrated: food. Whether your stomach grumbles at the very thought of juicy barbecue, you salivate at the smell of spicy street tacos,

Groove to the Jamaican Beat

Discover Jamaica, the sun soaked Caribbean country that boasts its own soundtrack. Explore beyond the beaches and experience the real Jamaica from Rastafarian farmers to a quiet fishermen's beach. In Electrify's latest travel editorial, Los Angeles-based photographer, Andrew Kuydendall takes Emanuela de Paula to unwind at Jamaica Inn, an intimate boutique property nestled on the beachfront in

On The Horizon with Anton Repponen

When Anton Repponen woke up in the back seat of his 4x4 off-road Toyota, it was still dark outside. He wasn’t quite sure where he was — somewhere within the Brazilian state of Ceará, surely - perhaps a few dozen kilometers outside of Fortaleza, perhaps a bit more. He was just over 19 hours into

Finding Moroccan Treasure with The Secret Souk

Founded by Nicole Manfron and Jasmine Hamed, The Secret Souk is a curated marketplace bringing the finest Moroccan antiques, rugs, home goods and more to doorsteps around the world. The souks of Marrakech line a deep network of alleys and lanes that spread out in orderly chaos, like a circulatory system through the heart of

LAUT: A Taste of Malaysia in Manhattan

Hailed as one of the original Malaysian restaurants to receive a Michelin Star in New York City, LAUT prides itself on a reasonable price-point, authentic flavors and preserving the integrity of the cuisines it serves. With a focus on bringing the best recipes, dishes and flavors from South East Asia ranging from Chinese, Indian, Malay, and