Taking Flight With Polly Brown

Polly Brown collaborates with Mr & Mrs Smith to capture a photograph that embodies each of their twelve award-winning hotels, for an around-the-world project that only ignites her love for travel even more. From the North of Sweden and across the Pacific to Japan, Polly’s artistic talent behind a camera takes flight. Polly Brown is

The Future Is Nigh with Reuben Wu

This story appears in "Global Generation" Volume 01 It’s common these days, with the proliferation of mass internet content, that successful artists find themselves at the mercy of the media, and in that, having to explain what their artwork represents or how it’s defined. When one looks at the work of British photographer Reuben Wu, one

Dive in with Surf Photographer Ray Collins

This story appears in "Global Generation" Volume 01 Water. It is one of the most powerful and relatable elements on our planet. It’s changeability from soothing, reflective glass to waves that roar and crash – loud and angry – mirror our own range of human emotions. Celebrated ocean photographer Ray Collins recognized this early on in

Behind The Lens: Ride The Lightning with Kate Bellm

If you can track her down, you will find Majorca-based photographer, Kate Bellm searching for her next adventure and of course, capturing the madness along the way. It’s hard to look at her photographs without a sense of longing creeping into your thoughts. It’s not just location envy, either. It’s a sense that she’s tapped

Taking on the Masses with Photographer Elise Swopes

We live in a world where your social media number is everything. How many page hits does your blog get? How many Instagram followers do you have? What about retweets, Facebook followers? Social currency has become beyond tangible. With over 266 thousand followers, the Chicago-based Instagram phenomenon Elise Swopes or @SWOPES, has become renown for