A New Type of Hydration with WTRMLN WTR’s Founder Jody Levy

Always searching for ways to combine art and design into the overhead theme of entrepreneurialism, WTRMLN WTR‘s founder Jody Levy found a way to produce the ultimate trifecta of these themes with her product. The uniquely refreshing, ultimately hydrating WTRMLN WTR originated after Levy discovered the amount of watermelons wasted per annum, as a result of appearance–deformed or defected watermelons are never sold.

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Disrupting The Traditional Travel Agency with Journy

Planning the perfect trip can be both exhilarating and nerve wracking, intuitive and overwhelming—you’re finally taking the time off to visit a new place, so you want to do it right. But with travel becoming increasingly more popular, hidden gems are rare, and the cultural experience you’re seeking may leave you wishing you never left home. Read more “Disrupting The Traditional Travel Agency with Journy”

Print Is Not Dead: Peering into ‘Fabulous Private Spaces, Personal Style’ with Coveteur

Long before there were “influencers” and Instagram became a lens via which to peer into their respective personal spaces, Coveteur.com was capturing unfiltered, behind-the-scenes glimpses into fashion-industry personalities around the world, many of them unknown (and often unrecognized) at the time – stylists, makeup artists and designers – all tastemakers in their own right.

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The Maderas Collective: Bringing Sustainable Furniture to the Global Stage

This story appears in “Global Generation” Volume 01

It may be a cliché but travel really does open the mind up to a world of new possibilities. No one knows this better than Dave Grossman who, on a chance surf trip to Nicaragua in 2010, instantly felt a deep connection to the country and its raw beauty, leading him to question the direction his corporate life was taking him in.

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Design Meets Nature at Hudson Woods

This story appears in “Global Generation” Volume 01

An oasis might best be described as a peaceful spot in an otherwise hectic place – an escape, however brief, offering solace: an opportunity to breathe in and recharge. Strewn along 131 lush acres of forest in the Hudson River Valley, Hudson Woods offers an opportunity for city dwellers yearning to reconnect with nature (and with each other) in a deep and authentic way. The architect-designed community, nestled within the sprawling and gorgeous landscape of Kerhonkson, NY, serves as an oasis tucked away 90 miles from Manhattan, close enough to be reachable via a stress-free drive, yet far enough to truly be an escape. With the vision of creating and providing “authentic, meaningful experiences at every turn,” Drew Lang, principal at Manhattan-based Lang Architecture developed the project, which broke ground in 2013, and has been delivering on that promise with a keen focus on simplicity, sustainability and quality, all rooted in nature.



Set amid forest, meadows and sweeping views of the Catskill Mountains, Hudson Woods blends modern design with elements found in its natural surroundings.  All 26 of the architect-designed homes, which range from 2.7 to 12 acres and vary between two distinct, highly customizable designs, are crafted with natural materials, sourced from surrounding areas, and quite literally embedded in their natural landscape, providing more than just a dwelling – an experience. The sustainable design makes for high-performing homes that not only borrow from their surroundings but also fit in among them with minimal impact, setting new standards for sustainable design. Environmentally minded upgrades for homes include a solar energy system, a greenhouse and an electric car charger, just to name a few. The design, albeit meticulous, is rooted in a simple imperative: “Getting back to the things that matter and things that you feel passionate about,” Lang says. “Authentic and slow living is a key element of the Hudson Woods experience.”

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Nature is just one of the sources from which Lang drew inspiration for Hudson Woods. “The area is experiencing a major revival with designers, artisans, makers and craftspeople at the forefront. There is a real sense of community and collaboration in the area,” he says. It’s this community collaboration that has complemented Hudson Woods’ design and provided another distinct feature, homes styled and furnished by local craftsmen, furniture-makers and artists, bringing the nature-meets-hyper-local-nurture approach full circle. “Local makers inspire us, and we inspire them,” Lang says. “[Our relationship] is symbiotic. They are critical to the story of Hudson Woods. They define the interior sensibility. Hudson Woods would not be Hudson Woods without them.” So, where does Lang himself draw inspiration to continue to innovate? “A sense of wonder and adventure. Nature, light, simplicity and silence,” he states. And Hudson Woods might just be the ideal reflection of that inspiration.

When asked to describe his favorite Hudson Woods feature, he replies, “Our interior doors. They are solid wood with a simple v-groove detail. I love our doors.” His response seems fitting, given his simple description of the Hudson Woods experience: “one that opens doors to discovering the things that matter. Family, friends, sport, craft. Hudson Woods lets you access it all,” Lang says. Seems like the experience lies just on the other side of that extraordinarily crafted wood door.

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Visit Hudson Woods at 101 Ridgewood Rd, Kerhonkson, NY | www.hudsonwoods.com