5 Sustainable Beauty Swaps To Help The Planet

In the pursuit of living more simply, naturally, and conscious of our environment, the products we purchase should be important decisions. From excess waste and non-recyclable plastic packaging being amongst the biggest issues, brands are seeking to make a positive shift towards decreasing their carbon footprint. An easy fix to this is by making more of a conscious effort in looking for brands that give back to the environment, have respectable ethics within their company and are trying to do right by the world.

Sustainability (in all forms) is important and is not only about being cruelty-free and vegan, but sustainability is also a word that covers all aspects of the matter and there are many ways to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable beauty can mean a whole host of things: recyclable packaging, raising environmental awareness, and supporting local merchants and harvesters. We’ve compiled five sustainable beauty brands that are taking strides to make the world a better, cleaner, more supporting place through creating products that make women feel beautiful.


1. Earth Tu Face

In 2010, Earth Tu Face began with two herbalists from California, a garden, and a focus on creating a 100% natural plant-based skincare line that is free of toxins or any synthetic materials. Founders, Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm have chosen plants that heal, restore and rejuvenate skin cells and firmly believe that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t feel good putting in your mouth. Every ingredient that is included has a specific therapeutic reason that they say will be “active” in the product. These two women from Berkeley are taking the beauty industry by storm with their innovative approach to beauty. Their soil-to-skin initiative is inspiring because their cruelty-free line of products uses organic and well-crafted ingredients combined with the “vanity factor” of beautiful packaging. Try their Face Balm that revitalizes sensitive skin that also feels, smells and looks good.  


2. Pink House

Pink is a family venture that was established to create beauty products that avoid the harmful ingredients that most mainstream products use. The main inspiration for founding the Pink House comes from a heartbreaking diagnosis of breast cancer. Karen pulled her family together after hearing the devastating news to perfect recipes for clean and natural beauty products that have since then transformed the industry. Three years after Karen’s passing, her daughters have joined their aunt in continuing the legacy their mom left behind. Pink House is an honest company with three beating hearts that are determined to go the extra mile and deliver safe, healthy, and clean beauty products. Their main initiative is to remain strong in their brand and only provide the best products for the body, soul, and mind. Try the Pink Clay Mask which is infused with natural oils, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and pampered.


3. Tata Harper

There are a few ways to achieve that ideal winter “glow” that many of us lust over. You could layer on the makeup, get a little sweaty and call it a glow, or switch up your routine entirely with products that create effortless luminosity. It may sound impossible, but Tata Harpers’ Resurfacing Mask creates that perfect glow with minimal effort. Tata Harper began her journey as the “green beauty guru” when her stepfather was battling cancer and discovered that toxic materials can build up in our bodies from extended exposure to chemicals. Harper decided to start her own skin-care brand while remaining honest about what is being put into her products. In the beginning, she sought to create high-end products for the consumer who wanted the best and most active, toxic-free formula available. Staying close to her Colombian roots, she grows most of her plants on her 100% organic farm in Vermont. The effort to remain natural is evident in all of her final products, and the results are loved by consumers and experts around the world. Try Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask as it is her most universal product that helps balance skin tone and maintain a fresh and glowing face.


4. Samudra Skin & Sea

Samudra is Sanskrit for “ocean” or quite literally the “gathering together of waters” — Samudra is born from a desire to bring the regenerative properties of seaweed to a healthy line of nourishing skincare. Founder, Shilpi Chhotray’s story began while studying marine science and ocean conservation which ignited her passion to protect the planet by creating beauty products that are healthy and sustainable. With every purchase, Samudra raises awareness for the ocean and its sea animals by partnering with many ocean conservation campaigns that benefit people and marine life alike. A few campaigns to check out are Blue Business Council, The Marine Mammal Center, and 5 Gyres. Try the Face Cream infused with hibiscus extract and jojoba seed oil to brighten skin and for a luminous glow.


5. Asarai

One of the newest additions to the organic, non-GMO, vegan skincare crew is Asarai. Founded by an Australian naturopath, the brand is built on the belief that nature has all the answers when it comes to our skincare needs. The local products are infused with Aussie botanicals as well as it’s unadulterated landscape into every bottle. The mission of their company is to bring nature into our daily self-care routine and inspire us all to connect and recharge with the natural world, daily. Not only is Asarai dedicated to delivering effective, clean skincare to their customers, they are also committed to giving back. The brand is a partner of 1% For the Planet, pledging to always donate a portion of their proceeds to help keep the planet blue. Try Asarai’s Earth Tone Mask for a lightweight clay mask imported directly from Australia.