Jordan Bailey

The Future Is Nigh with Reuben Wu

This story appears in "Global Generation" Volume 01 It’s common these days, with the proliferation of mass internet content, that successful artists find themselves at the mercy of the media, and in that, having to explain what their artwork represents or how it’s defined. When one looks at the work of British photographer Reuben Wu, one

Decoding Brooklyn Street Artists FAILE

This story appears in "Global Generation" Volume 01 In the heart of Brooklyn, New York live two of the most iconic street artists of all time. Collectively known as FAILE, Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller are best recognized for their artistic renderings of pop culture collages that cover the city streets of New York. It’s the

ASTR: ’90s Wild Child

The '90s were a time of upbeat, party-ready hip-hop and R&B the likes of which the world had never seen. Tapping into that era of music, with a spin of modern-day electronic dance music is New York's very own singer and producer duo, ASTR. Fresh off the release of their latest EP Homecoming, Zoe Silverman (singer) and

Decoding Jazz Legend Kamasi Washington

Jazz takes on a different persona, one of youth, eccentricity, and vibrancy. Jazz that feels more cosmic and experimental draws in fans of electronic and hip-hop, and artists like saxophonist Kamasi Washington are leading the way. Washington is LA-bred, having performed with the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill, and Snoop Dogg, even playing a part