Annisha Lashand

Summer Surf Guide

For summer surfers, the dissolution of the colder months brings with it the exciting prospect of finding that perfect barreling wave in a new location. As the s... Read More

Catch A Wave with Mollusk Surf Shop

California brand, Mollusk Surf Shop, invokes a sense of slow living with the most natural of Pacific Coast comforts in their Spring 2016 lookbook.

Death Valley in Bloom

The Super Bloom is a rare opportunity to capture the momentary colors of life in an otherwise vacant desert.  For the first time since 2005, dormant seeds have ... Read More

‘Natural Disposition’

"A whisper of the changing season blows across my skin. The nights are growing longer now but with time and distance I have learned that friendships as real a... Read More

Annisha Lashand

Managing Editor

Annisha is constantly on the hunt for new projects to sink her pen into. Currently residing in Toronto after having lived in multiple countries in Europe, "don't sit still, but learn to be still" are personal words Annisha has learned to live by. She spends her quiet moments seeking ways to transform fear into love and louder moments seeking ways to live life outside her comfort zone.