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Authorities, civilians, and hipsters have been raving about the recent hot pink and vicious grizzly bear sightings in Brooklyn. MC Death Bear, a street artist tag which made its first mark in Ithaca, has hauled it out to the big city and is making sure everyone knows about it. Starting off in 2007 as just another on-looker, inspired by the modern street art movement sparked by icons such as Banksy and Shepard Fairy, MC Death Bear has now become a welcomed street art moniker, having graced store-front properties in Ithaca, both legally and not so legally.

Street art may be seen as graffiti and vandalism by public authorities, but to MC Death Bear, it is about empowerment. The street artist says, “You can’t just wait around for good things to come to you in life, so I say, fuck it. I’m going to make my work seen. I’m not going to wait for anyone to tell me it’s OK to live my life. It’s about making things happen for yourself. Anyone who has an artistic mind and a set of balls can do it!”

History has proven that immediate acceptance does not quantify the value or quality of a master piece. El Greco and Van Gogh have been just two among many artists whose work was not appreciated until after their deaths, but their significance lives on through their visions and self-expression. MC Death Bear says, “Who’s to say what is not art? I’m not trying to push any political points here, it is just about doing things that make me happy. I do things that I enjoy. That is the method to my mayhem. As long as there are still people who can appreciate this art form, then I’m still going to keep bombing.”

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