About Us

Founded by Amanda Ho,  Electrify Magazine is a New York-based multi-media publication documenting the creative pursuits of today’s global generation. Electrify explores the world with a distinct design-driven mindset, fueling discovery through immersive travel guides and insider recommendations. With striking visuals, narrative writing, and an emphasis on authenticity and intimacy, Electrify inspires and informs readers through its compelling original content. Through a digital platform, curated experiences, weekly newsletter and events, Electrify is your gateway to the world.

Based in New York, Electrify taps contributors and photographers from around the world to bring stunning original content to life. Electrify showcases captivating imagery, travel photo-journals and interviews from influential entrepreneurs, artists and creatives from around the world.

Our Ethos

Electrify is proud to embody a socially + sustainably responsible ethos throughout our digital content and brand experience. Electrify identifies key priority habitats and wildlife conservation initiatives through the lens of stunning visual content to encapsulate a wider audience who may not be previously privy to the subject of environmentalism and to inspire a global consciousness to further conservation efforts. By using fashion, culture and arts as a vehicle to spark conversation, Electrify’s goal is to be able to invoke a social responsibility within our readers to take action in day-to-day life. Electrify aims to bring responsible tourism to help protect and conserve the destinations highlighted for future generations to come.

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